Europe struggles with Muslim dress code 歐洲為穆斯林服裝規定大傷腦筋

Chances of seeing a burqa in Belgium are only a little better than spotting a liquor shop in Saudi Arabia. Yet Belgium soon may be the first European nation to outlaw the burqa and other Islamic garb that completely hides a woman’s body and face.
在比利時見到穆斯林罩袍的機率,大概只比在沙烏地阿拉伯發現烈酒專賣店的機率高一點。但比利時很快就可能成為歐洲第一個立法禁 止罩袍及其他完全遮住女性身體及臉孔等伊斯蘭服裝的國家。
Neighboring France and the Netherlands may also outlaw attire that is viewed by many in western European societies as demeaning to women. It also is considered a gateway to radical Islam, a fear that is stoking rightwing sentiment across the continent.
鄰近的法國與荷蘭也可能會跟進禁穿這種被西歐社會許多民眾視為貶低女性的服裝。這種服裝也被視為是通往激進派伊斯蘭主 義的大門,這種恐懼正在全歐煽起右翼情緒。
The initiative is expected become law in July and would apply to all public places, including streets.
這項提案預料將於 7月正式立法,並將適用於所有公共場合,包括街道在內。
Anxieties that visible signs of Islam erode national identity are combining with complaints that immigrants are stealing jobs amid the worst economic slump in decades to deepen a sense of unease in many European countries, small and large alike, over the role of Muslims in society.
對於這種伊斯蘭明顯象徵可能侵蝕國家認同的焦慮,與移民在這場數十年來 最惡劣的經濟衰退中奪走工作機會的抱怨結合在一起,更加深了歐洲許多大小國家對穆斯林在其社會中所扮演角色的不安。
dress code:名詞,指在特定場合或特殊社交團體中的服裝規定,如Most evenings there’s a party and the dress code is strict - black tie only.(多數晚上都會舉行宴會,而且服裝規定非常嚴格,只能穿正式禮服入場。)
demeaning: 形容詞,指貶低人的、有損人格的,如That advertisement is demeaning to women.(那幅廣告根本在貶低女性。)動詞則為demean,如The entire family was demeaned by his behaviour.(全家都因為他的行為而蒙羞。)
stoke:動詞,原指添加燃料使爐火更旺,亦可引申來指煽惑人心,如He’s been accused of stoking up racial hatred in the region.(他被指控煽起當地的種族仇恨情緒。)
gateway:名詞,指入口、門戶、通道,如New York soon became the gateway to America.(紐約很快就變成通往美國的大門。)亦指通往某事的途徑或方法,如Hard work is the gateway to success.(勤奮乃成功之母。)

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