This Day in History May 16… 歷史上的今天 5月16日

Michael Jordans first year in the NBA was more than exciting. After only one month with the Chicago Bulls, he made the cover of Sports Illustrated and was already considered a star. Fans loved Jordan from the start, and not just Bulls fans, either. Those at opposing arenas cheered him on. The fans also voted Jordan as a starter in the seasons All-Star game, which makes for one impressive season. Whats more, on this date in 1985, Jordan was named Rookie of the Year. As for the rest of Michael Jordans career, he is thought of by many as the best basketball player ever.
麥可.喬丹(圖,資 料照片)進入NBA的第一年就大放異彩。他進入芝加哥公牛隊才打 了短短一個月,就登上《運動畫刊》的封面,而且被視為巨星。打從一開始,球迷就很喜歡喬丹,而且 還不僅是公牛隊的球迷而已,連他作客其它球場時的對手球迷也會為他加油打氣。球迷還票選他為該季全明星賽的先發球員,使得那一季著實令人印象 深刻。此外,在1985年的今天,喬丹被封為年度最佳新秀。至於在麥可.喬丹接下來的職業生涯中,他更被眾多人公認為籃球史上最偉大的球員。


◎cover n.封面
例:Steve Jobs made the cover of this weeks Time magazine.(史提夫.賈伯斯登上了本週《時代》雜誌的封面。)
◎illustrated n.有很多圖片的報紙/雜誌 & a.有插圖的
◎opposing a.敵對的,對立的
◎arena n.(周圍有觀眾席的)比賽場所
◎cheer sb on/cheer on sb 為某人加油/打氣
例:The crowd cheered the runners on as they approached the finish line.(當跑者接近終點線時,觀眾紛紛為他們加油。)
◎starter n.先發球員

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