This Day in History May 9…歷史上的今天 5月9日…

In order to end a debate between Australia's two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney, the area of Canberra was chosen as the nation's capital. Unlike other capital cities around the world, Canberra was planned and built on purpose. Before this decision, the Canberra area had a small population. Building the city began in 1913. A design made by a Chicago architect was chosen, which included many park areas. This was the style at the time and eventually helped give Canberra the nickname the "Bush Capital." Melbourne had been the temporary capital until this date in 1927. After that, the federal government moved to Canberra, which took over as Australia's capital.

歷史上的今天 5月9日…

為了平息澳洲兩大城市──墨爾本及雪梨──之間的爭辯,坎培拉這個地區被選為該國的首都。不像世界各地其他的 首都,坎培拉是經過刻意規劃和建造的城市。在做出這個決定之前,坎培拉只有少數人口。此座城市的建造始於1913年,由一位芝加哥建築師所規劃的設計雀屏 中選,而設計中含括了許多公園區域。這種設計風格在當時很流行,最後為坎培拉贏得「天然首都」這個暱稱。直到1927年的今天以前,墨爾本一直是澳洲的臨 時首都。在這天之後,澳洲聯邦政府遷至坎培拉,由這座城市接手成為首都。


◎debate n.爭論,辯論
例:The debate over independence divided the country.(關於獨立的爭論分化了那個國家。)
◎capital n.首都
◎on purpose 故意地,有目的地
例:Samantha attracted the attention of the handsome waiter by dropping the menu on purpose.(莎曼珊故意讓菜單掉到地上,吸引那名帥哥服務生的注意。)

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