Britain’s oldest father has a child at 74 英國最老父親74歲為人父

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Gerry Burks, who will be 75 on Tuesday, has a newborn son, Ryan, with his wife Dawn, 41.
週二將年 屆75歲的傑瑞.伯克斯與41歲妻子唐恩,有了一名新生兒子萊恩。
The couple, from Louth in Lincs, also have another son, Daniel, age six. Mr Burks, whose wife is nearly 35 years his junior, has credited his love of bananas for his virility.
來 自林肯郡勞斯的這對夫妻,還育有6歲大的兒子丹尼爾。妻子比自己年輕近35歲的伯克斯先生,將其生殖力歸功於愛吃香蕉。
He told The Sun: "I packed all the bad things up in the mid-1980s when my first marriage broke down. I eat lots of bananas and always have done, sometimes a couple a day. I don’t eat much salt and have home-cooked food. "
他告訴太陽報說:「1980年代中期第一段婚姻觸礁時,我將所有不愉快事情收藏在心中。我吃很多香蕉,而且一直如此,有時一 天吃好幾回。我不攝取太多鹽份,吃自家料理的食物。」
Mr Burks, a former HGV driver, has three other children from his first marriage which ended in 1985.
曾擔任重 型貨車司機的伯克斯先生,他在1985年結束的第一段婚姻中有另外3名小孩。
Ryan was born on Friday March 12 weighing 5lb 7oz. He initially suffered from breathing difficulties but has since been able to return home with his parents.
萊恩於3月12日 週五出世,重5磅又7盎司。他起初有呼吸困難的問題,但後來就可與父母親一同返家了。
His parents married in 2002 after living next door to each other for a decade.
他的父母毗鄰而居 10年後,於2002年締結連理。
The wold’s oldest father is Nanu Ram Jogi, from India, who had a child at 90.
新聞辭典 Dictionary
virility:名詞,(男性的)性功能,生殖 力;活力;陽剛氣概。例句: Maasai men are known to demonstrate their virility by spearing elephants.(馬賽族人以刺戳大象展現男性氣概聞名。)

HGV:名詞,為 Heavy Goods Vehicle(重型貨車;重裝載車輛)的縮寫。
break down:片語,(使人與人關係)發生破裂;關係破裂(或中斷);(夫婦)離異。例句:Their marriage broke down last month.(他們的婚姻關係上月破裂了。)

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