Making cold calls? People would rather give up sex 打行銷電話?人們寧可放棄性愛

The prospect of making cold calls for a week as a salesperson is more unappealing than giving up sex for a month, a survey showed.
以銷售人員的身分打行銷電話一週,這樣的情況比起放棄性愛一個月還令人不 快,本週的一份調查顯示。
Only getting a root canal was deemed worse than making sales calls to strangers, said the survey of 1,226 respondents about public attitudes in the United States towards salespeople.
只 有接受根管治療被認定為比打銷售電話給陌生人還糟糕,這份詢問1226人以了解美國民眾對銷售人員看法的調查說。
From five options presented, one-third of the people said a root canal was worst, followed by cold calls at 23 percent and giving up sex for a month at 18 percent.
在調查提出的5種選項中,3分之1的人說做根管治療感覺最糟糕,其次是打行銷電話,佔23%,放棄性愛1個月的比例是 18%。
Of the other worsts, 15 percent picked being a surprise guest on a reality television show and 13 percent chose speaking in front of an audience.
Asked to choose among types of salespeople, respondents said they trusted those who sell cars the least, followed by financial services salespeople. Retail salespeople were ranked the most trustworthy.
被 要求在各種類型的銷售人員中做出選擇時,受訪者說,他們最不信任賣車的人,其次是金融服務業務員。零售銷售人員則被認為最值得信賴。
Being contacted by door-to-door salespeople ranked as most annoying, while being contacted by e-mail or social media was the least aggravating.
挨 家挨戶拜訪的業務員被評為最令人厭煩,而透過電子郵件或社交媒體接觸,則最不令人討厭。
◎ 新聞辭典:
cold call:名詞,為了開發業務而打給潛在客戶或陌生人的電話。例句:Don’t be too pushy is the rule no.1 for salesperson when making a cold call.(不要太咄咄逼人是業務員打行銷電話時的最高守則。)
unappealing:形容詞,不吸引人的。例句:Your proposal is unappealing.(你的提案並不吸引人。)
aggravating:形容詞,令人煩擾的。例句:Your pushing me all the time is very aggravating.(你老是在逼我很令人討厭。)

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