For sale - village with pub, 40 people 待售—有酒館與40位村民的村莊

Stressed-out city executives looking to get away from it all have the chance to buy their own rural village in New Zealand, complete with a pub and population of 40.
壓 力重重、期待度假來擺脫一切的都市高級主管們,有機會在紐西蘭買下自己的農村,這座村莊附帶有一間酒館與40名人口。
Otira, a hamlet on the rainy west coast of New Zealand’s South Island, is on the market for $NZ1 million.
Current owners Bill and Christine Hennah bought the rundown village in 1998 after passing through and "feeling sorry for it," Christchurch-based newspaper The Press reported.
目前的持有人比爾與克莉絲汀.漢娜在行經該村,並「為它感到遺憾」後,於 1988年買下這座荒蕪的村莊,總部設在基督城的報紙「新聞報」報導。
They paid $NZ80,000 for the hotel or pub, school, railway station, town hall and 18 houses making up the village near the Arthur’s Pass National Park that dates back to 1923.
他們付了8萬紐元買下構成該村的旅館或酒館、火車站、鄉公所與18棟房子,該座可追溯至1923年設立的村子鄰近亞瑟隘口國家公 園。
The village developed when the Otira railway tunnel was opened, and during its heyday was home to about 600 workers and their families.
當 歐提拉鐵路隧道開通後,村子發展起來,在全盛期間,住有約600名工人與其家眷。
But the couple, now aged in their 60s, say they no longer have the energy to run the hotel. They are asking $NZ350,000 for the hotel or $NZ1 million for the whole lot. "We need someone to build it up again. There is a lot of potential and opportunity," Christine Hennah told The Press.
然而這對現年60餘歲的夫婦說,他們不再 有體力經營旅館。他們開價35萬紐元出售旅館,或者100萬紐元出售整座村子。「我們需要某人再度讓它發展起來,這裡有許多的潛能與機會。」克莉絲汀.漢 娜告訴新聞報說。


get away from it all︰(以度假方式)逃避繁忙生活。例句︰Sometimes I do want to get away from it all. (有時我真想去度個假,擺脫一切煩惱。)
be on the market︰在出售。例句︰There is not much fruit on the market at this time of year.(每年這時候水果供應不多。)
the(whole)lot︰ 全部、整個。例句︰He betted his last 300 dollars and lost the whole lot.(他押上他最後的300美元,但全都輸光。)

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