This Day in History June 19… 歷史上的今天 6月19日

Fathers are important people. Since they are so special and help us in so many ways, a holiday was created for them. On this date in 1910, the first Father’s Day was celebrated. Sonora Dodd helped create this holiday because she wanted to honor men like her father. He was a war hero, and after his wife died, he worked hard to raise his six children single-handedly. The first celebration got support from the YMCA and local churches. People wore roses that day to honor their fathers. Dodd traveled around and handed out gifts to fathers in need. It took a while for the holiday to become official, but now we happily celebrate Father’s Day every year.

父親是很重要的人 物。因為他們是如此特別,而且在許多方面都給予我們很大的幫助,所以便為他們設立了一個節日。1910的今天是首次慶祝父親節的日子。桑諾拉.達德因為想 推崇像她父親一樣的男士,因此協助創立了這個節日。她的父親是一位戰爭英雄,他在喪偶之後努力工作獨力扶養他的6個小孩。首次父親節的慶祝活動獲得基督教青年 會及當地教會的支持。在當天,人們別上梅桂來表示對他們父親的敬意。達德更穿梭各 地,將禮物分發給那些需要幫助的父親。雖然父親節花了一段時間才成為正式的節日,但現在我們每年都很開心地慶祝父親節。


honor vt.推崇,表彰;紀念
This building was built to honor the founder of this university.(蓋這棟建築物是用來紀念這間大學的創辦者。)

single-handedly adv.獨力地
The fire fighter single- handedly rescued six people from the burning house.(那位消防員獨力從那棟失火的房子中救出6個人來。)

support n.支持(不可數)& vt.支持
The policy never gained much public support.(這項政策從未得到大眾的大力支持。)

YMCA 基督教青年會
(為Young Men’s Christian Association的縮寫)

hand out...分發……
Free newspapers are handed out at the MRT station every weekday morning.(每周一到周五的早上都有人在捷運站分送免費的報紙。)

in need 在困頓中
A friend in need is a friend indeed.(患難見真情。─諺語)



包括美國在內,世界上有52個國家在6月的第三個星期天慶祝父親節(圖為 美國紐約商店父親節促銷,新華社),其中有很大的原因是為了與母親節(Mother’s Day,多為5月的第二個星期天)相呼應。而台灣的父親節則選在8月8日,主要是為了「八八」與「爸爸」音韻相近之故。

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