This Day in History June 2…

Big events happen in everyone's life. For some, it's marriage, getting a dream job, or having a baby. On this date in 1953, Elizabeth II experienced one of her greatest moments. She was crowned the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ceylon, and Pakistan. She also took control of the Church of England. The ceremony was held in Westminster Abbey, like most other coronations before hers. However, Elizabeth II's coronation was slightly different because it was the first major international event to be shown on TV, which was still relatively new at the time.

歷史上的今天 6月2日…

每個人的生命中都會經歷一些重要的事件。對有些人來說是結婚、得到夢寐以求的工作或是生小孩。1953年的今 日,伊莉莎白二世經歷了她最風光的時刻。她被加冕成為女王,統治英國、加拿大、紐西蘭、澳洲、南非、錫蘭(現今的斯里蘭卡)和巴基斯坦。她也握有掌管英國 教會的權利。這場加冕儀式和她之前的大部分加冕儀式一樣,也在西敏寺舉行。然而,伊莉莎白二世這次的加冕有些許不同,因為這是電視首次播放的重要國際事 件,在當時電視還是相當新奇的事物。


伊莉莎白二世女王在1952年繼承父親喬治六世的王位。她與菲力普親王 (Prince Philip)(圖右,歐新社)共育有4名子女,包括查理斯王子(Prince Charles)、長女安妮公主(Princess Anne)、次子安德魯王子(Prince Andrew)和老么愛德華王子(Prince Edward)。而直至今日仍在位的伊莉莎白二世女王,也名列大英帝國中在位時間最長的君主之一(one of the longest reigning monarchs of the United Kingdom),僅次於維多利亞女皇(Queen Victoria)及喬治三世(George III)。


vt. 經歷,體驗 & n. 經驗
例:David experienced unbearable grief over his son's death.(兒子的去世讓大衛經歷難以承受的悲傷。)
vt. 為……加冕 & n. 王冠
例:How long will it be before Prince Charles is crowned the King of England?(要多久查理斯王子才會加冕成為英國國王?)
◎take control of...
掌 控/掌握……
例:The website provides eight tips on how to take control of your health.(這個網站提供8個關於掌控健康的小秘訣。)
n. 儀式,典禮
例:The wedding ceremony will be held at 7:00 PM.(結婚典禮將在晚間7點舉行。)
adv. 稍微地
例:After taking medicine, I feel slightly better.(服過藥之後,我覺得稍微好些。)

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