Putin chided on environment by Russian schoolboy 普廷在環保上遭俄國學童指責

Russia’s strongman Prime Minister Vladimir Putin found himself targeted by unusual criticism on environmental protection -- by a young schoolboy.
俄羅斯強人總理普廷發現自己在環保 問題上遭到罕見的批評—遭一名學童指責。
The encounter took place as Putin toured the Losiny Ostrov national park outside Moscow on a trip that also saw the animal-loving Russian number one feed wild elk with baby-bottles.
這 場相遇發生在普廷視察莫斯科外的麋島國家公園之際,在這趟行程中,也看到這位熱愛動物的俄羅斯頭號人物以奶瓶餵食野生糜鹿。
"I think that the government should look more strictly at all violations of the law on ecology," piped the boy, who was not named, staring straight into the dark sunglasses of the prime minister.
「我認為政府應更嚴格看待所有違反生 態法的事件,」這位男童高聲說;名字沒被提到的他,逼視著總理的太陽眼鏡後的雙眼。
"It should implement a higher fine if someone litters the street," he added .
「如果有人在街上亂丟 垃圾,應施以更高的罰款,」他補充。
Taking off his shades and looking the boy in the eye, Putin said:"I agree completely. " He told the boy to send his proposals to the government. "We will look at them at least at the level of the ministry of natural resources and maybe higher," said Putin.
取下太陽眼鏡,直視著男童,普廷說︰「我完全贊同。」他告訴男孩將他的建議寄給政府。「至少自然資源部或更高層級的單位會看看 它們。」
It was not clear if the encounter had been choreographed in advance or was genuinely accidental. Wildlife has played a major role in creating Putin’s political image and the past months have seen him having close encounters with animals ranging from a tiger, a whale and a polar bear.
不清楚這場會見是否是事先蓄意安排的,或真的出於偶然。野生動物在創造普廷的政治形象上扮演著重要角色,過去幾個 月看過他與老虎、鯨魚與北極熊等動物有近距離接觸。
chide︰ 動詞,責備、責怪、責罵。例句︰She chided him into apologizing.(她責怪他,使他不得不道歉。)
find oneself︰片語,發現自己處於某種狀態。例句︰How do you find yourself today?(今天你覺得身體如何?)
encounter︰ 可當動詞與名詞,邂逅、相遇、遭遇。例句︰She encountered an old friend in the theatre.(她在戲院裡巧遇一位老友。)

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