This Day in History June 14… 歷史上的今天 6月14日…

The Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom started on April 2, 1982 because soldiers from Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. These islands are in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Argentina, but they had been controlled by Britain for years. Argentina had always believed that the Falklands belonged to them. Therefore, they thought they were justified in taking back what they rightfully owned. Britain felt very differently. Although the war only lasted 74 days, around 900 people were killed during the fighting. On this date in 1982, the war ended when Argentina left the Falklands. Even now, the issue of who the rightful owner of the Falklands is continues to be contested.

阿根廷與英國之間的 福克蘭群島戰爭始於1982年的4月2日,這是因為阿根廷軍隊入侵福克蘭群島。該群島位於大西洋近阿根廷外海,但多年來卻由英國管理。阿根廷一直認為福克 蘭群島屬於他們所有,因此他們認為奪回屬於自己的領土是理所當然的事。但英國並不這麼認為。雖然戰爭只打了74天,卻造成約9百人死亡。1982年的今天 阿根廷自福克蘭群島撤兵,戰爭宣告結束。即使到現在,誰合法擁有福克蘭群島的主權仍持續引起激烈的爭辯。


英國和阿根廷於今年2月再度因為福克蘭群島(圖,資料照片)而關係緊張。 由於福克蘭群島是英國屬地,有好幾家英國公司準備在這個地區鑽探石油,該舉動招來阿根廷的強烈不滿。今年2 月阿根廷總統費南德茲(Cristina Fernandez)簽署行政命令,明定所有經由阿根廷港口和水域前往福克蘭群島的船隻,都必須事先申請並獲得許可。阿根廷外交部(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)除了表示英國的舉動已經威脅到阿根廷的國家利益外,更在2月向英國駐阿根廷大使提出抗議。


例 The soldiers invaded the city before dawn.
◎belong to...
例 The house where I live actually belongs to my uncle.
adv. 正當地
例 This necklace is rightfully mine.p

例 The country is currently divided over the issue of the capital punishment.
(目前該國對 死刑的議題意見分歧。)
& n. 爭論;比賽
例 Kent contested his father’s will after he found out that his sister was given the family business.

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