This Day in History June 7… 歷史上的今天 6月7日…

Graceland was home to the King of Rock and Roll, that is, Elvis Presley. Elvis’ mansion has been a favorite place for Elvis fans for years. However, it was not always open to the public. After trying to find ways to save their special home, Elvis’ wife Priscilla decided to allow people to tour through it. This was not an easy decision. In addition, the house needed to be set up for these tours. Changes were made, and on this date in 1982, the first tour group entered Graceland. Only the first floor is open to the tours, but there is still a lot to see, including Elvis’ gold records, famous outfits, cars, and gravesite.
優雅園是搖滾天王─ 貓王艾維斯.普里斯萊的故居。多年來,貓王的豪宅一直是貓王迷最喜愛的地方。不過它不是都一直開放給大眾參觀的。貓王的妻子普莉西拉試圖尋找能夠保留他們 特別家園的方法,於是決定開放給大眾參觀。這並不是個容易的決定。此外,豪宅還需經過一番整頓才能安排遊覽。經過一些改變後,1982年的今日,第一批參 觀團進入優雅園。雖然開放參觀的只有一樓,但還是有許多東西可供民眾參觀,包括貓王的金唱片、他有名的服裝、車子和墓地等。


貓王艾維斯.普里斯萊是美國知名的搖滾樂手和演員,1935年出生於密西西比州的圖珀洛(Tupelo, Mississippi)。他結合流行音樂(pop ballad)、鄉村(country music)、搖滾(rock and roll)、藍調(blues)和白人福音(gospel)等多元的音樂曲風,受到許多歌迷的喜愛,也深深影響後世樂壇。而貓王首次公開上台演出時,由於 緊張而不自覺的抖腿,沒想到卻引起熱烈的迴響,成為他的註冊商標。


◎be home to... 為……的所在地
例:The museum is home to Mona Lisa as well as Venus de Milo.(那間博物館收藏了《蒙娜麗莎的微笑》與《米羅的維納斯》。)
◎mansion n. 宅邸
◎allow sb to V 允許某人從事……(= permit sb to V)
例:The university's administration doesn't allow students to smoke on campus.(這所大學的規定不允許學生在校園裡抽菸。)
◎set up... 安排……;組織……
例:Larry asked his secretary to set up a meeting with his new clients.(賴瑞要他的祕書安排與新客戶開會。)
◎outfit n. 整套服裝
◎gravesite n. 墓地

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