’March of blondes’ cheers up crisis-hit Latvia 金髮尤物遊行幫遭遇危機的拉脫維亞打氣

Decked out in pink, their locks glinting in the sunshine, hundreds of blondes marched arm-in-arm through the Latvian capital Riga on May 29, in a bid to raise spirits in the slump-stricken Baltic state.
一身粉紅色穿著打扮、她們身上戴的墜子飾品在陽光下閃閃發亮,數百名 金髮尤物5月29日手牽手在拉脫維亞首都里加遊行,試圖提升這個陷入經濟蕭條的波羅的海國家的士氣。
Tourists and locals marvelled as more than 800 blondes wove their way through the streets for the second edition of what organisers say they hope will become a regular annual event.
800多名金髮尤物在街上穿梭,引起觀光客和當地人陣陣驚嘆,主辦單位希望 這場第二度舉行的遊行將成為年度例行活動。
"I feel very good to be surrounded by so many beautiful women. It’s great to be blonde," local student Linda said.
「被 這麼多美女圍繞,我覺得很棒。當個金髮美女很棒。」當地學生琳達說。
"It is just great to do something positive in Latvia and at the same time promote blondes as being fun, positive, intelligent people," said Ilze, a blonde helping out at the parade.
Started last year by a group of like-minded local blondes, the march aims to bring some cheer to Latvians who have had little cause to smile recently.
The Baltic nation of 2.2 million people is locked in the deepest economic crisis of the 27-nation European Union, after a boom went off the rails and sent its economy shrinking by 18 percent in 2009.
在繁榮榮景崩跌使其經濟在 2009年縮水18%之後,這個人口220萬的波羅的海國家,正陷入歐盟27國中最嚴重的經濟危機。
Money collected during the event will be donated to local charities.
這項活動期間的收入將捐給當 地慈善組織。
deck out:動詞片語,特別打扮自己顯得更吸引人。例句:The girls are all decking up for the party.(女孩們都在為了這場派對盛裝打扮。)
glinting:原形為glint(動詞或名詞),(因反射光線而)閃耀。例 句:The moonlight glinted on the lake.(月光在湖面上閃耀。)
weave one’s way through (ex. a crowd):動詞片語,曲折地穿過(例如:一群人)。例句:He wove his way through the crowd to find the girl.(他曲曲折折地穿過人群去尋找那名女孩。)

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