This Day in History June 6… 歷史上的今天 6月6日

During the Industrial Revolution in England, young men didn’t have many options for activities after they were done working. Basically, they could choose to drink at pubs or hang out in brothels. George Williams didn’t think either of these options was acceptable. At the age of 23, he wished there were healthier alternatives. Using this thought, he founded the first Young Men’s Christian Association on this date in 1844. We know it now as the YMCA. Today, 124 national federations are part of the World Alliance of YMCAs. Their goals are still to promote healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. However, YMCAs are not just for religious men anymore; everyone is welcome.

在英國工業革命期 間,年輕男子下班後沒有太多活動可以選擇。基本上,他們只能選擇在酒吧 裡喝酒或是在妓院裡流連。喬治.威廉斯無法接受這兩種選擇。他在23歲時希望能有更有益健康的選擇。基於這個想法,他在1844年 的今天成立了第一間基督教青年會,也就是今日我們所知的YMCA。現今,基督教青年會世界協會有124個跨國聯盟。他們的目標仍 致力於提倡健全的身心靈。然而,YMCA不再只開放給信教的男性,他們也歡迎每個人的加入。


hang out 閒晃,打發時間

Where do you usually hang out with your friends?(你通常都和朋友去哪兒打發時間?)

brothel n.妓院

federation n.聯盟,同盟

alliance n.聯盟;結盟

promote vt.提倡;促進

religious a.篤信宗教的,虔誠的

Shelly is very religious and goes to church every Sunday.(雪莉很虔誠,她每個星期天都去教堂做禮拜。)

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