Minnesota city stops providing free doggie bags 明尼蘇達州一城市停止供應免費狗糞袋

◎ 張沛元

Need to scoop up after your pooch in the affluent Minneapolis suburb of Edina? You’ll now have to bring your own bag after the city stopped providing freebies. The Star Tribune reported Edina has been hit by thefts of city-provided dog poop bags, and also is looking to save money. So this year the city stopped providing the free bags at stations in Edina parks.

當你家狗狗在富饒的明尼亞波里 斯郊區艾迪納市便便後,得要鏟起狗便便的你,現在得自備狗糞袋了,因為該市已停止免費供應。「星辰論壇報」報導,艾迪納一直飽受狗糞袋失竊之苦,此外也想 撙節開支。所以,該市今年停止在艾迪納各公園服務站免費供應狗糞袋。

Director of Parks and Recreation John Keprios said park workers would fill dispensers in the morning and find them empty by noon.

公園與休閒娛樂處處長約翰.凱布雷歐斯說,公園養護人員一早才在分發器裡裝滿袋子,到了 中午就發現袋子全被拿光了。

Keprios said, "People walk up and take them until they’re gone." He says it was "not just one isolated incident. It’s everywhere and often."

凱布雷歐斯說,「民眾走過來拿袋子直到袋子被拿光。」他說,這「並非單一事件。到處都是如此 而且經常發生。」

It cost about $12,000 a year to keep the dispensers full at the eight parks with the stations.

裝滿設有服務站的8座公園裡的狗糞袋分發器,1年就要花費1 萬2000美元。


doggie bag:名詞,又做doggy bag,原本指的是客人上餐廳用餐並要求將吃剩食物打包帶走時店家所提供的袋子,但本文指的是裝狗糞的袋子(dog poop bag)。例句:Can I have a doggy bag for this?(我可以打包這些剩菜嗎?)

scoop something up:片語,鏟、掏或舀的方式來蒐集與移除某物。scoop,名詞,鏟斗或勺子。例句:She scooped those sweets up and put them in a paper bag. (她把那些甜食鏟起來然後放進紙袋裡。)

freebie: 名詞,俚語,免費提供的商品或服務。例句:When you’re on vacation, ask your hotel if they have any freebies.(度假時不妨問問飯店是否提供任何免費服務。)

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