This Day in History June 26… 歷史上的今天 6月26日…

John F. Kennedy stood outside Berlin’s most famous city hall on this date in 1963. He was there to show America’s support of West Germany after East Germany had built the Berlin Wall. In his famous speech, Kennedy talked about how people the world over would be proud to be from Berlin. He used German to say, “I am a citizen of Berlin.” However, an urban legend states that because of a grammar mistake, he actually said, “I am a Berliner,” otherwise known as a jelly donut. Luckily, this wasn’t true, and the people of Berlin understood John F. Kennedy’s words of encouragement.
約翰.甘迺迪在 1963年的今天站在柏林最著名的市政廳外頭。在東德築起柏林圍牆之後,他的到訪表達出美國對西德的支持。在他著名的演說中,甘迺迪談到在世界各地的柏林 人都會以來自柏林自豪。他用德語說:「我是柏林人。」然而,卻有城市傳說提到,他因為犯了文法上的錯誤,所以說成:「我是柏林果醬甜甜圈。」因為 Berliner一字還有「果醬甜甜圈」之意。還好,這並非事實,柏林人也都聽得懂約翰.甘迺迪話中的勉勵。


●city hall n.市政廳;市政府
●an urban legend 來源不明或缺乏證據的都市傳說或軼聞(往往含有幽默、恐怖或教訓成分)
●state vt.陳述;聲明
例:Rachel stated plainly that she didn want to go to the movies.(蕾秋明白地說她不想去看電影。)
●be otherwise known as... 又稱為……,也叫作……
例:Samuel Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain, was once a steamboat pilot.(塞謬爾.克雷門斯,又名馬克.吐溫,曾經是蒸汽船的船長。)
●encouragement n.鼓勵
例:The depressed student was inspired by his teacher encouragement.(這名沮喪的學生受到老師鼓勵而振作起來。)
encourage vt.鼓勵
例:My friend encouraged me to try out for the school basketball team.(我的朋友鼓勵我去參加籃球校隊的甄選。)


德國首都柏林在二次世界大戰後被分割為東柏林(East Berlin)與西柏林(West Berlin),東德(East Germany)為了阻止東德人投向西德(West Germany),於1961年開始建造柏林圍牆,剛開始以鐵絲網為材料,之後才更換成磚牆。所以,柏林圍牆的建立是德國分裂和冷戰(Cold War)的重要象徵性建築。1989年11月9日,柏林圍牆倒塌(圖,資料照片),兩德統一。

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