Monster World Cup vuvuzela muted in Cape Town 開普敦的巨型世界盃呼呼塞拉被消音

Authorities in World Cup host city Cape Town have put a sock into plans to honk a 37-metre-long vuvuzela over fears its sound could trigger traffic chaos, a report said recently.
世界盃足球賽主辦城市之一開普敦當局已對吹響一支長37公尺的呼呼塞拉的計畫下達禁令,理由是擔心這支呼呼塞拉發出的 巨響會引發交通混亂,據最近的一項新聞報導指出。
The monster instrument, located on an unfinished flyover close to the city’s Waterfront shopping area, is said to be the world’s biggest trumpet and would have to be powered by the horn of a giant truck.
這支體積龐大的樂器位於接近開普敦市水岸購物區一座未完工的天橋上,據說它是全球最大的一支 喇叭,得用大型卡車的喇叭才能吹得響。
But South Africa’s Sunday Times reported that officials fear the deafening racket could cause mayhem on the roads below.
"It’s extrememly loud," said Francois Marais, marketing manager for Hyundai South Africa, makers of the giant vuvuzela, who said his firm was in talks with council chiefs in the hope they may allow it later in the tournament.
製造這支巨型呼呼塞拉的南非現代汽車公司行銷經理馬黑說,「它可是超級大聲」,馬黑還表示,公司正與市政府官員討 論,希望當局能准許在世界盃稍後的比賽中吹響這支呼呼塞拉。
"Hopefully, we are going to come to a compromise where we can blow it at special occasions, the final, the semi-finals and perhaps the quarter-finals," added Marais.
「希望雙方最終 能達成協議,讓我們在特殊場合,如決賽、準決賽或半準決賽時吹響喇叭,」馬黑補充說。
新 聞辭典
put a sock in:片語,非正式用語,指(用不禮貌的語氣)要求某人保持安靜、閉嘴,如Put a sock in it! Some of us are trying to work around here.(安靜一點!有人還在努力工作呢。)
racket: 名詞,指喧嚷、吵鬧聲,如They were making such a racket outside that I couldn’t get to sleep.(他們在外面大吵大鬧,弄得我根本沒辦法睡覺。)
mayhem:名詞,指混亂、失序的場面,或指有意傷害某人或破壞某事 物,如With twenty kids running round and only two adults to supervise, it was complete mayhem.(20個小孩跑來跑去,卻只有2個大人在旁監督,場面根本是一團混亂。)或Children are committing mayhem in the flower beds.(孩子們正在恣意踐踏花床。)

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