This Day in History June 17…歷史上的今天 6月17日…

On this date in 1994, a white Ford Bronco led police on a slow-speed chase through Los Angeles. Inside the vehicle was OJ Simpson, a famous football star. The police were after him because he was the main suspect in the murder of his ex-wife and her friend. Eventually, the chase ended and Simpson was arrested. This was just the beginning of one of the most famous trials in American history, partly because the trial was broadcast on national TV. Simpson was acquitted in the end, but many people believed he was guilty.

歷史上的今天 6月17日…

1994年的今日,一輛白色的福特Bronco休旅車以緩慢的速度與警方在洛杉磯追逐。坐在這輛車內的是知名 美式足球明星OJ辛普森。警方追捕他是因為辛普森為謀殺他前妻及其友人的頭號嫌犯。最後這場追逐結束,辛普森遭到逮捕。但這只是揭開美國史上其中一場最著 名審判的序幕而已,部分是因為它經由全國電視轉播。辛普森最後被無罪釋放,但許多人心中認為他有罪。


1994年6月12號,OJ辛普森的前妻妮可(Nicole Brown)和友人被發現於洛杉磯的住家中身亡。嫌疑最大的辛普森在刑事審判中被判無罪(圖為辛普森當年出庭畫面,資料照片),但在之後的民事審判中敗 訴,要支付美金3350萬的高額賠償金給死者家屬。當初也有人質疑辛普森的律師團隊刻意挑選有色人種作為刑事審判時的陪審團員,才導致他無罪釋放。


n. & vt. & vi.追逐
n. 嫌犯
例:We eventually found out why Joyce always looked so tired.(我們終於弄清楚為何喬依絲總是看來這麼疲倦。)
vt. & n.逮捕
vt. & n.廣播,播放
例:The TV station broadcasts news all over the world.(那家電視台在全世界播放新聞。)
a. 全國的;國家的
acquit sb of...宣告某人無……罪
例:The jury acquitted Jimmy of theft.(陪審團宣告吉米的偷竊罪名不成立。)
例:The evidence shows that Billy is guilty of arson.(證據顯示比利犯下縱火罪。

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