Cops: Man makes up robbery for ride home 警方稱男子為了搭車回家而捏造搶案

The Charles County sheriff’s office said a man called 911 and made up a story about being robbed so that he could get a ride home.
查爾斯郡警長辦公室表示,一名男子打911電話報案,捏造一則遭搶劫的故 事,以便他可以搭車回家。
Authorities said they were called to Hawthorne Road near Manor Drive in Ripley for a reported armed robbery on Thursday. The man told officers that he had been walking on Route 225 when a car stopped and a someone put a gun to his head and demanded money.
當 局表示,他們接到電話後趕到瑞普里曼諾大道附近的豪松路,因為週四有人報案說遇到持槍搶劫。這名男子告訴警官,他在225號公路行走時,一輛汽車停下來, 某人用槍頂著他的頭要錢。
The man claimed to have complied and the suspects fled.
But as officers searched the area and noticed inconsistencies in his account, the man admitted fabricating the robbery story because he wanted a ride home.
但是當警 官搜查當地,並注意到他的供詞前後不一時,這名男子才坦承捏造遇搶的故事,因為他想搭車回家。
He said his cell phone was out of minutes and 911 was the only number he could still call.
Officials say charges against the man are pending.
make up:片語,捏造、虛構。例句:The story was partly true and partly made up.(這個故事的內容,一部分是真的,一部分是杜撰的。)
fabricate: 動詞,捏造、偽造。例句:The criminals fabricated a lot of lies.(這群罪犯捏造許多謊言。)
out of minutes:片語,指電話的通話時間用完了。 例句:This phone card is out of minutes.(這張電話卡的通話時間用完了。)

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