Baby born while mom drives to hospital 嬰兒在母親開車去醫院時出生

A Minnesota couple said their son was born while his mother was behind the wheel of her car en route to the hospital.
Amanda McBride, 29, said she left work at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when she began feeling labor pains and picked up the child’s father, Joseph Phillips, 33, on her way to North Country Regional Hospital in Bemidji, the Bemidji Pioneer reported Monday.
29歲的阿曼達.麥克布萊德說,她在週二晚間11:30左右開 始感到分娩陣痛,於是離開工作崗位,在前往貝密吉市「北國地區醫院」的路上,接走小孩的父親、33歲的約瑟夫.菲利普,「貝密吉先鋒報」週一報導說。
McBride said she had to drive the car because Phillips suffers seizures, but the couple said Phillips had to grab the wheel when McBride’s water broke mid-drive.
麥克布萊德說,她必須開車是因為菲利普會發病,但這對夫妻表示,當麥克布萊德羊水在開車途中破了的時候, 菲利普必須抓住方向盤。
"She yelled at me to grab the wheel," Phillips said. "And then, all of a sudden, I heard this little waaa (cry)."
「她吼著要 我抓住方向盤,」菲利普說。「接著,說時遲、那時快,我聽見這個小娃兒哇哇哇(哭聲)。」
The mother, who has two older sons, said the birth was quick.
"The baby just came right out," she said. "I was just sitting on the seat and he just slid out. It really wasn’t bad at all."
「小寶寶就這樣出世,」她說。 「我就坐在座位上,而他就這麼滑出來。這真的還挺不賴的。」
The baby, Joseph Dominick Phillips, was found to be healthy and weighed 8 pounds, doctors said.
小寶寶約瑟 夫.多明尼克.菲利普經檢查很健康,有8磅重,醫師說。
behind the wheel:片語,在駕駛或掌舵。例句:They took turns behind the wheel.(他們輪流開車。)
en route to:片語,在途中。例句:They were en route from New York to Paris.(他們在從紐約到巴黎的途中。)
all of a sudden:片語,出乎意料地、冷不防地。例句:All of a sudden the lights went out. (燈突然熄了。)

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