This Day in History June 21歷史上的今天 6月21日

On this date in 1982, Princess Diana of Wales gave birth to her first son. Prince William didn't have a public appearance until he was nine. As a child, he dreamed of being a police officer. He is left-handed and was given the nickname Willie Wombat by his parents. Prince William is the second in line to the throne of England. Although he is still a young man, he has accomplished a lot and has big goals. He has graduated from university, traveled, and been a member of the military. These days, he is training to become a full-time helicopter pilot for the UK's search and rescue team.

歷史上的今天 6月21日

1982年的今天,威爾斯王妃黛安娜生下了她的第一個兒子。威廉王子直到9歲時才首次公開亮相。他小時候夢想成為一名警察。他是個左 撇子,還被他的父母暱稱為「威利袋熊」。威廉王子是英國王位繼承人的第二順位。雖然他還年輕,卻已有許多成就,並且志向遠大。他完 成大學學業,遊歷各地,也曾經從軍。最近,他正在接受訓練成為英國救難隊的全職直升機飛行員。


威廉王子的祖先,不論是父系還是母系,都可追溯到英國的歷代先王。他母親 黛安娜王妃的其中兩名祖先─格拉夫頓公爵和里察滿公爵,都是英王查理二世(Charles II, 1630-1685)的私生子。威廉王子(圖,資料照片)若繼承王位,其名號將為「威廉五世」(William V),但有報導指出,王子可能會選擇一個「史無前例的名字」作為自己國王的名號,很有可能是從他的中間名亞瑟(Arthur)、菲利普(Philip)或 路易斯(Louis)取其一。而他的小名Willie Wombat(威利袋熊)是他還在襁褓時期和父母到澳洲訪問時獲贈的。


◎give birth to... 生產……(孩子)
例:Larry was in shock when his wife gave birth to triplets last night.(賴瑞的太太昨晚產下3胞胎讓他大為震驚。)
◎left-handed a.左撇子的
˙right-handed a.右撇子的
◎wombat n.袋熊(產於澳洲)
◎the first/second/third/... in line to N/V
例:Frank is first in line to take over the company when James retires.(詹姆士退休時,法蘭克是首位有望接管公司的人。)
◎accomplish vt.完成,實現
˙accomplish one's goal實現某人的目標
◎rescue n.救援
˙come/go to ones rescue

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