Americans "bombarded" with cancer sources: report 報告:美國人遭致癌物質「轟炸」


Americans are being "bombarded" with cancer-causing chemicals and radiation and the federal government must do far more to protect them, presidential cancer advisers said on Thursday.

美國人正遭受致癌化學物及放射線的「轟炸」,聯邦政府必須更致力保護他們,美國總統 的癌症顧問群周四說。

Although most experts agree that as many as two-thirds of cancer cases are caused by lifestyle choices like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise, the two-member panel said many avoidable cancers were also caused by pollution, radon gas from the soil and medical imaging scans.

雖然多數專家同意,多達2/3的癌症病例是由生活型態的選擇,諸如吸菸、飲食不當、缺乏運動等導致,但這個兩 人成員的小組認為,污染、來自泥土的氡氣,以及醫療造影掃描,也是很多本可避免的癌症元兇。

The report offered some of its own advice to consumers.


For instance, the report said that although large studies have found no links between cell phone use and cancer, people would be prudent to wear headsets and make calls quickly.

舉例而言,該報告稱,雖然很多研究沒有發現使用手機與癌症之間的關 係,但戴耳機不失為審慎之舉,並縮短通話時間。

But the American Cancer Society said the report downplayed known risks that cause most cases of cancer including tobacco, obesity, alcohol, infections, hormones and sunlight.

不過美國 癌症協會表示,上述報告淡化了菸草、肥胖、酒精、感染、荷爾蒙和日照等已知的大部分致癌因素。

"The report is most provocative when it restates hypotheses as if they were established facts," the society’s Dr. Michael Thun said in a statement.

「上述報告把 一些學術假設重申為既定事實,因此挑撥意味十足」,該協會的麥克.宋恩博士在一份聲明中說。


bombard:動詞,砲擊;轟炸。另一個常見意思是「向……連續提出問 題」,例句:The candidate was bombarded with questions.

(人們向候選人連珠砲似地提出許多 問題。)

downplay:動詞,對……輕描淡寫;不予重視;貶低;低估。例句:The government downplays this piece of news.(政府對這則新聞冷處理。)

hypotheses:名詞;假設,為hypothesis的複數形 態。

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