Wrong number leads Zambian diplomat to NJ school 一通打錯的電話將尚比亞外交官帶至新澤西州學校

The Zambian ambassador to the United Nations made a speech Wednesday at New Jersey’s West Orange High School to make amends for dialing the wrong phone number.
尚比亞駐聯合國大 使週三在新澤西州的西橙高中發表一場演說,以彌補他稍早打錯的一通電話。
In the fall, Ambassador Lazarous Kapambwe was trying to reach a diplomat from Sierra Leone. But the number he dialed was one digit off. He ended up calling Logan Svitzer, a student who was sitting in his U.S. history class at the school.
去年秋天,拉札洛斯.卡帕姆鮑威大使企圖聯絡一名來自獅子山國的外交官。但他所撥打的電話號碼少了一個數字,結果他打給了一 名當時正在西橙高中上美國歷史課的學生,羅根.史維澤。
His teacher, Robbin Sweeney, was so annoyed that she called the number and got the ambassador. She thought it was a prank - and spent 10 minutes on the phone with him to verify who he was.
史維澤的老師羅蘋.史威尼感到深受打擾,於是回電給這位大使。她原本以為這是一場惡作劇─而且在電話上花了10分鐘 以確認對方的身分。
Kapambwe spoke at the school to make up for the inconvenience. He told students about Zambia and urged them to consider diplomatic service as a career.
卡帕姆鮑威到該校演說以彌補他所造成的不便。他向學生們介紹尚比亞,並且 呼籲他們考慮以外交服務為畢生職志。


amend: 名詞,動詞,修正,修改,改善;amendment,名詞,修正案。例句:The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure.(美國憲法第五修正案保護人民在司法程序中不會受到政府濫權迫害。)
annoy:動詞,氣惱,打擾,令人 不快。例句:Who’s making such an annoying noise?(是誰在製造這麼惹人厭的噪音啊?)
make up for something:片語,彌補,補償,填補。例句:His skill makes up for his lack of speed.(他的精湛手藝彌補了他的慢速度。)

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