Half of Brits say they have nosy neighbours 半數英國人說鄰居愛管閒事

One-in-two homeowners in Britain think their neighbours are nosy and spy on them whenever they get the chance, it has been found.
英國每兩名屋主中,就有一人認為他們的鄰居愛管閒事,而且只要一逮 到機會,就窺探他們,根據一項民調發現。
Research discovered millions of us live next to people who listen in on conversations and peek through windows if the opportunity arises.
56 percent of people reckon their neighbours often gossip about others in their street and seven percent say they have even moved house due to nosy neighbours.
One-in-three say they think their nosy neighbour often pops in uninvited for a chat - just to catch a glimpse inside the house.
3人中有一人說,他們認為愛管閒事的鄰居時常不請 自來地聊天─只是為了在屋內打量一番。
A spokesperson for Pilkington, the company which carried out the poll, said: "No-one likes being spied on but it seems that this is happening to many of us in our own homes.
進行這項民 調的「皮爾金頓」公司一名發言人說:「沒有人喜歡遭到窺探,但這情況似乎正發生在我們許多人的家裡。」
spy on:片語,暗中監視、刺探。例句:I saw two men spying on me from behind a tree.(我看見兩個男子從樹後窺伺我的行動。)
listen in on:片語,偷聽、監聽。例句:He listened in on my conversation with Mary.(他偷聽我和瑪麗的談話。)
pop in:片語,(突然)過來、拜訪。例句:Why don’t pop in for a cup of coffee?(為何不過來喝杯咖啡?)

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