This Day in History June 27…

Trouble in Korea started after World War II. The US took control of the south, while the Soviet Union took over the north. Because of this, there was a difference in how the two sides developed. Soon, the people on each side were thinking differently and often fighting. On June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea, and the Korean War started. Two days later on this date, US forces entered the war. What’s more, the Korean War has never officially ended. With the recent sinking of a South Korean submarine, the tension between the two Koreas is boiling over again.

歷史上的今天 6月27日…

韓國內部的紛爭肇始於第二次世界大戰之後。美國掌控了南部,而俄國佔領了北部。因為如此,南北韓的發展並不相 同。很快地,雙方人馬思考方式不同,也經常發生爭吵。1950年的6月25日,北韓入侵南韓,引發韓戰(圖,資料照片)。兩天後的今日,美軍加入戰局。尤 有甚者,韓戰從未真正結束過。隨著最近南韓潛水艇的沉沒事件,南北韓的緊張情勢又再度增溫。


◎take control of... 掌控……,控制……
例:The police took control of the situation in less than 15 minutes.(警方不到15分鐘就控制了情勢。)
◎invade vt. 入侵,侵略
例:As soon as aliens invaded the Earth, the whole world was in panic.
◎sink vi. 下沉
例:Everyone on board panicked when the ship started sinking.(當船開始下沉時,船上每個人都慌張了起來。)
◎submarine n. 潛水艇

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