This Day in History June 20… 歷史上的今天 6月20日

This date is an important one in French history. In 1789, 577 people held a meeting at an indoor tennis court. They were all from the Third Estate, which was made up of people that were not rich clergymen or French royalty. All but one of the 577 people signed the Tennis Court Oath that day. It was a pledge to ignore King Louis XVI’s orders and to keep meeting even though it was illegal at that time. What the people wanted was a new French constitution. The signing of the Tennis Court Oath was one very critical step at the beginning of the French Revolution.

今天在法國歷史上是 很重要的一天。1789年,有577個人在室內的網球場召開了一場會議。他們都來自「第三階級」,也就是富有的神職人員及王宮貴族以外的人民所組成的階 級。在這577人中除一人以外,其他人皆在當天簽署了網球場宣言(圖,翻攝網路)。這份宣言宣誓他們將不顧法王路易十 六的命令而繼續開會,即使這樣的會議在當時是違法的。人民所想要的是新的法國憲法,而網球場宣言的簽署正是展開法國大革命非常關鍵性的一步。


◎estate n.社會階級
◎clergyman n.神職人員;牧師,教士
◎royalty n.皇族/王族成員
◎oath n.宣誓,誓言
◎pledge n.誓約,誓言
◎constitution n.憲法
◎critical a.關鍵性的,重要的
例:Efficient management is of critical importance to a successful company.(有效率的管理對一家成功的公司極其重要。)
◎revolution n.革命

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