This Day in History June 9… 歷史上的今天 6月9日

Cartoons are adored by kids and adults alike. Most of us even have a favorite character. Some of the most famous cartoon characters in the world have been created by Walt Disney. On this date in 1934, Donald Duck was seen for the first time in the cartoon The Wise Little Hen. As a result, many see today as Donald's birthday. Donald Duck is known for his short temper and having bad luck. In his cartoons, Donald can often be seen getting upset when things don't go his way. Donald Duck's funny behavior and Mickey Mouse's gentle manner made them a great pair.
卡通同時受到小孩和 大人的喜愛。大多數人甚至都有最喜歡的卡通角色。世上一些最有名的卡通人物都是由華特.迪士尼所創造出來的。1934年的今天,唐老鴨在《聰明小母雞》這 部卡通中首次露臉,也因此許多人將這天視為他的生日。唐老鴨以其暴躁脾氣和運氣欠佳著稱。在唐老鴨的卡通裡,當事情一不順心時,我們常常就可以看到他非常 不開心。唐老鴨的滑稽行為和米老鼠的溫和態度使他們成為絕妙的組合。


唐老鴨(圖,資料照片)的全名為Donald Fauntleroy Duck,是迪士尼裡受歡迎程度僅次於米老鼠的卡通人物。除了他的水手服(sailor shirt)扮相之外,他最著名的特色大概就是他的破鑼嗓子。雖然許多人因前述理由將6月9日當作他的生日,但人物設定上的生日其實為13號星期五 (Friday the 13th),主要用意就是要凸顯他的壞運連連。和他的最佳拍檔米老鼠一樣,唐老鴨也有一位知心的女伴,她一開始叫做Donna Duck,爾後則改名為Daisy Duck。


◎adore vt. 非常喜歡
例:Colin only has one granddaughter, so he absolutely adores her.(柯林只有一個孫女兒,因此他非常寵愛她。)
◎As a result, S + V 結果,……
例:Paul got into an argument with his boss last Monday. As a result, he was fired the next day.(保羅上星期一和他老闆起了爭執。結果他隔天就被開除了。)
◎temper n. 脾氣
have a short/bad/quick/hot temper脾氣暴躁/很差
例:Red heads are said to have a short temper, and Linda is no exception.(據說紅頭髮的人脾氣很差,琳達也不例外。)
◎manner n. 態度

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