This Day in History June 11… 歷史上的今天 6月11日

The American Civil Rights Movement changed the US forever. On this date in 1963, one of the movement's important events took place. In the state of Alabama, Governor George Wallace tried to stop integration at the University of Alabama. He stood at the door of the school's auditorium and would not let two African-American students register for classes. However, the Alabama National Guard was called in, so Wallace was forced to step aside. That evening, President John F. Kennedy gave his historic civil rights speech on national TV and radio, which promised the change that was soon delivered.

美國的民權運動徹底地改變了這個國家。1963年的今 天發生了民權運動中一個很重要的事件。阿拉巴馬州的州長喬治.華萊士試圖阻止阿拉巴馬大學廢除種族歧視。他站在學校禮堂的門口,不讓兩名非裔美國學生註冊 入學。然而,該州的國民警衛隊被召來協助處理,因此華萊士被迫讓開。那天傍晚,甘迺迪總統透過國家電視和廣播發表他深具歷史意義的民權演說,他在演說中所 承諾的種族平等改變很快就獲得了實現。


●civil rights n.公民的權利,民權(恆用複數)
●take place 發生
●register for... 註冊……;報名參加……
例:You have to register for the summer term by May 1.(你必須在5月1號前完成暑期班的註冊手續。)
●call in sb/call sb in 找某人來,請來某人
例:The bank manager called the police in to investigate the robbery.(那位銀行經理請警方來調查這件搶案。)
●be forced to V 被迫(做)……
例:Terry was forced to wait in the emergency room for three hours.(泰瑞被迫在急診室等了3個小時。)
●step aside 讓開;站到一旁
●promise vt.保證,允諾
promise to V 保證……


美國聯邦最高法院早在1954年規定,在公立學校實行種族主義隔離制度是違憲的,只是許多美國南部的學校並 沒有服從這項規定。甘迺迪總統除了在1963年派遣國民警衛隊(United States National Guard)強制要求阿拉巴馬州州長喬治.華萊士,讓非裔的詹姆斯.霍德(James Hood)和薇薇安.馬龍.瓊斯(Vivian Malone Jones)入學外,前一年他也派了400名法警和3000名士兵去保護非裔學生詹姆斯.莫瑞德斯(James Meredith)去密西西比大學(University of Mississippi)上課,因為莫瑞德斯在上學途中受到白人大學生的百般阻撓。

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