Man allegedly drove drunk to police 男子被控酒駕找警察

Police in New York state said a man who found a stray dog and needed directions to the animal shelter allegedly drove drunk to the police station.
紐約州警方表示,一名發現流浪狗且需要問路前 往動物收容所的男子,被控酒醉駕車到警察局。
Monroe police said Oleksandr Nayda, 38, arrived at police headquarters with the stray Rottweiler and asked directions to the nearest animal shelter.
門羅警方表示,38歲的歐列克山德.奈德,帶著流浪 的洛威拿犬抵達警察總部,詢問要到最近動物收容所的路怎麼走。
Officers said Nayda smelled like alcohol and registered a 0.17 blood-alcohol level, more than twice the legal limit for driving. He told police he stopped drinking at about 6 a.m.
Investigators said Nayda was also wanted on a driving while intoxicated charge from 2006. They said a new driving while intoxicated charge could turn into a felony if he is convicted on the 2006 count.
調查人員說,奈德還因為一件2006年酒醉 駕車指控被通緝。他們說,如果他的2006年指控罪名成立,新的酒醉駕車指控可能會演變成為重罪。
Nayda was jailed in lieu of $1,000 cash bail. An animal control officer took the dog from police headquarters to the shelter.
奈德因未繳交1000美元現金的保釋金而被收押。一名動物管制人 員將這條狗從警察總部帶到收容所。
want:動 詞,通緝、追捕。例句:The fugitive is wanted by the police.(這名逃犯正遭到警方通緝。)
driving while intoxicated:片語, 酒醉駕車的正式用語,簡稱DWI,intoxicated 意指酒醉的。
in lieu of:片語,以~替代。例句:In lieu of new taxes, Aquino vowed to go after tax evaders and smugglers to boost revenue.(艾奎諾誓言以追查逃稅者與走私者來充實國庫,代替開徵新稅。)

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