Woman hid in coffin to escape custody, police say 警方稱女子躲在棺材內逃避羈押


Authorities say a Philadelphia woman hid in a coffin at a central Pennsylvania funeral home to escape custody.


Nicole April Kelly was arraigned Monday on charges stemming from the escape.

妮 可.艾普.凱莉因這起脫逃事件衍生的控罪,於週一遭到傳訊。

Police say the 19-year-old Kelly was being transported to jail by Juniata County deputies on Thursday to await extradition to another county on other charges. Authorities say Kelly escaped from the deputies, prompting a search that lasted several hours.

警方表示,19歲的凱莉因另涉及其他控罪,週四被朱尼亞特郡警官準備移送入監,以等候引渡至另一個郡。當局表示,凱莉擺脫警官 逃逸,引發持續數小時的搜索行動。

Investigators say the owner of the Brown Funeral Home found her in the coffin and held her until police arrived.

調查 人員指出,「布朗殯儀館」的老闆發現她躲在棺材裡,於是扣住她直到警方抵達為止。

Kelly remains jailed in lieu of $75,000 bail. It’s not clear whether she has an attorney.

凱 莉繼續監禁,並未以7萬5千美元交保。目前不清楚她是否有聘請律師。

The funeral home is seek restitution for damage to the coffin.



arraign:動詞,傳訊、提訊(在押嫌犯)。例句:He was arraigned on a charge of theft.(他被依竊盜罪傳訊。)

stem from:片語,起源於、由~所造成。例句:The present wave of strikes stems from discontent among the lower-paid.(當前的罷工浪潮起因於低工資者的不滿。)

in lieu of:片語,代替。例句:He used an inked thumbprint in lieu of signature.(他用按手印來代替簽字。)

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