A World Cup wager between the US and UK ambassadors has ended in stalemate. 對賭世足賽 美英大使和局收場


America’s ambassador to the UK and his British counterpart had bet a steak dinner on the England-USA game.


Brtain’s man in Washington, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, had said England’s chances of losing were the same as how he liked his meat - "rare".

英國駐華府大使沈沃 德爵士在賽前曾說,英格蘭隊輸球的機會,跟他喜歡牛排煮熟的程度一樣──「罕見」(亦指半熟的)。

But Robert Green’s howler in front of goal saved US ambassador Louis Susman from having to fork out. The 1-1 draw means they will now split the bill.

但英格蘭隊門 將格林在球門前犯下的嚴重錯誤,讓美國大使蘇斯曼免於被迫買單。英美兩隊以一比一打平,表示兩國大使現在得要平分帳單。

In his Foreign Office blog on 10 June, Sir Nigel had written: "If England win, Ambassador Susman buys me lunch at a steakhouse in DC;if the US pulls off an astonishing steal, I buy him a fine lunch at a London pub.

沈 沃德爵士在6月10日的外交部網誌中曾寫道,「如果英格蘭隊獲勝,蘇斯曼大使得在華府的牛排館請我吃飯,假如美國隊意外盜壘成功,那我就請他在倫敦的酒館 裡吃飯。」

"As Britain’s Ambassador to the United States, I will tell you that I am supremely confident about England’s chances."

「身為英國 駐美國大使,我可以明白地說,我對英格蘭贏球的機率超級有信心。」

However, his chance of a meal at the American ambassador’s expense slipped away when Robert Green spilled a limp shot from USA striker Clint Dempsey over his own line just before half-time.

但隨著英格蘭隊門將格林在中場前,於球門外漏接美國前鋒丹普西一記軟弱無力的射門後,他想讓美國大使 請吃飯的機會也就跟著溜走。

The transatlantic bet, brokered by aides, is now off but the pair will still meet up for dinner, Mr Susman says.

這場跨大 西洋賭局是由雙方助理從中安排,現在已經宣告取消,但蘇斯曼說,兩國大使仍會碰面吃飯。

新 聞辭典

stalemate:名詞,指陷入僵局、(棋局)無子可動,如Tomorrow’s meeting between the two leaders is expected to break a diplomatic stalemate that has lasted for ten years.(兩國領袖明天的會議預料可打破長達十年的外交僵局。)

howler:名詞,非正式用語,指愚 蠢而明顯的錯誤,尤指某人所說或所寫下的錯誤,如I called her by the name of his first wife, which was a bit of a howler.(我把她叫成他第一任妻子的名字,真是錯得離譜。)

fork out (sth):動詞片語,非正式用法,指付錢,尤指在不情願的情況下付錢,如I forked out ten quid for/on the ticket.(我心不甘情不願地拿出十塊錢買票。)

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