High meat diet linked to early periods 肉吃比較多 月經較早來

Girls who eat a lot of meat during childhood tend to start their periods earlier than others, a study suggests.
UK researchers compared the diets of more than 3,000 12-year-old girls. They found high meat consumption at age three(over eight portions a week)and age seven(12 portions)was strongly linked with early periods.
英 國研究人員比較3000多名12歲女童的飲食,發現在3歲(一週超過8份)與7歲(12份)之間攝取大量肉類,與月經來得早有密切關聯。
Writing in Public Health Nutrition, the researchers said a meat-rich diet might prepare the body for pregnancy, triggering an earlier puberty.
研究 人員在《公共衛生營養》撰文指出,富含肉類的飲食,或許讓身體為懷孕做準備,才會導致較早進入青春期。
During the 20th Century, the average age at which girls started their periods fell fairly dramatically. This is widely thought to be due to better nutrition and rising levels of obesity, which has an impact on hormones.
在 20世紀,女孩初經年齡顯著下降。這種情況普遍被認為是因為營養較好與肥胖程度增加,對荷爾蒙都有影響。
period:名詞,月經,正式名稱為menstrual period 。例句:She’d missed a period and was worried.(她月經沒來很擔心。)
consumption: 名詞,攝取(食物),動詞為consume。例句:As a nation, our consumption of junk food is horrifying.(以國家而言,我們的垃圾食物攝取量相當可怕。)
puberty:名詞,青春期。例句:At puberty, pubic hair develops and girls begin to menstruate.(青春期到來時,陰毛會開始長出,女孩子開始行經。)

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