Got any spare change? Give it to Romania 有多的零錢嗎?捐給羅馬尼亞吧!

 ◎ 魏國金
Got any spare change? Romania’s cash-strapped government is asking for donations to a fund set up to boost budget revenues and cushion the impact of the economic crisis, the finance ministry said.
有任何多餘的零錢嗎?現金短缺的羅馬尼亞政府要求國民捐款給一個為 增加歲入預算,並緩和經濟危機衝擊而成立的基金,該國財政部長說。
Earlier this week, the centrist coalition cabinet narrowly won a no-confidence vote in parliament over sharp public sector wage and pensions cuts, key to keeping afloat its 20 billion-euro aid package led by the International Monetary Fund.
本 週初,中間派的聯合內閣才驚險贏得國會就大幅刪減公部門薪資與退休金案的不信任投票,該措施是維持國際貨幣基金所主導的兩百億歐元援助計畫的關鍵。
"Every person in Romania, except for legal entities, can donate cash into this account," the finance ministry said in a statement introducing its "solidarity fund."
When enforced, pay cuts will buy Romania time to reform its inefficient public administration and counter tax evasion, which should boost budget revenues.
But with tax receipts expected to disappoint in the first half of the year, every little bit that can be spared is a help.
但隨著預料今年上半年的稅入將令人失 望,因此任何多出的小錢都有助益。
Officials said the new fund is aimed at public officials who earn additional income on top of regular wages by serving on administrative boards of companies entirely or partially owned by the state.
keep(stay)afloat︰片語,維持、應付自如。例句︰A government subsidy will be needed to keep the newspaper afloat.(為了使這份報紙維持下去,將需要一筆政府補助。)
pay cut︰減薪。Most workers are willing to take a pay cut during the recession period.(在經濟衰退期間,大部分的勞工願意接受減薪。)
on top of︰除了…之外。例句︰On top of his accident, he caught pneumonia.(除了發生意外,他還染上肺炎。)也有完全掌握之意,例如︰a man on top of his job(對工作駕輕就熟的人。)

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