Weight key in kidney transplant 腎臟移植 重量是關鍵


Matching up the weight of donors and recipients boosts success in kidney transplants, suggests French research. A study of over 1,000 transplant patients found those receiving a small kidney in proportion to their weight were more at risk of complications.
法國研究顯示,配對捐贈者與移植者的重量,可提高腎臟移植的成功率。針對 1千多名移植病患的研究發現,移植與自身體重相比重量較輕的小腎臟,比較會有併發症風險。
In the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the researchers said the findings would give surgeons a new chance to improve long-term survival. But a UK expert warned a donor shortage would limit weight-based matches.
研 究人員在美國腎臟學會期刊說,這項發現賦予外科醫師改善長期存活率的新機會,但一名英國專家警告,捐贈者短缺,將限制以體重為基準的配對。
The team followed the transplant patients for an average of six years after their operation. Using a calculation based on the weight of the donor kidney, and the weight of the person having the transplant, they found that those receiving a small kidney for their size had more complications.
團隊在移植患者手術後追蹤平均6年時間,他們使用根據捐贈腎臟的重量,以及移植者的體重為基準來計算,發現 移植小腎臟的人,會有較多併發症。
These included high blood pressure, kidney scarring, and a 55% increased risk of transplant failure two years after the operation.
donor:名詞,捐贈者。例句:Thanks to a large gift from an anonymous donor, the charity was able to continue its work.(多虧了匿名捐贈者的大禮,這個慈善團體可以繼續工作。)
recipient:名詞,受贈者。例句:He was a recipient of the Civilian Service Award.(他是公民服務獎的受獎人。)
in proportion to:片語,與……相稱,與……成比例。例句:Do you think we are paid in proportion to the hours we work? (你覺得我們的工作與薪水成比例嗎?)

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