Take condoms to war, Army tells female squaddies 軍方要求女兵帶保險套赴戰場


Army chiefs are urging female soldiers to carry condoms, after more than 140 pregnant women had to be sent home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Adverts in the Army magazine Soldier warn female squaddies, nurses and administrative staff to use contraception.
140多名懷孕女性從伊拉克及阿富汗送回國後, 軍方將領敦促女兵要帶著保險套。軍方雜誌「戰士」上的廣告警告女新兵、護士及行政人員要避孕。
The Ministry of Defence is understood to be concerned about the number of women becoming pregnant at military bases, where they are outnumbered 50 to one by men.
A ‘no touching’ rule applies in a war zone but sexual relations between soldiers of a similar rank are often tolerated, as long as they do not affect operations.
在戰區,按照規定是不允許男女士兵進行親密接觸,但相近軍銜的軍人發生性關係,只要不影響作戰行動,軍方往往睜一 隻眼閉一隻眼。
Free condoms are supplied at bases including Camp Bastion, in Helmand, home to 8,500 British men and 700 women.
在包括堡壘營地內的多個 軍營中,軍方已經免費提供保險套。堡壘營地位於(阿富汗)赫曼德省,共有8,500英國男兵及700名女兵駐紮在那裡。
Rules barring expectant mothers from frontline service mean they are immediately evacuated, at considerable cost.
軍方規定禁止準媽媽在前線服役,這意謂她們 要立即撤回國內,代價極高。
Last year, 102 pregnant British servicewomen were flown out of Iraq and 31 were sent home from Afghanistan between January 2003 and February 2009.
去年,有102名懷孕英國女兵被從伊拉克送回國。在2003年1月到2009年2月期 間,有31名駐阿富汗懷孕女兵被送回家。
squaddie: (英國口語)新兵;陸軍二等兵。
contraception:名詞,避孕(法)。例句:Study finds Coke not the real thing when it comes to contraception.(研究發現可樂並非真能避孕。)
expectant: 形容詞,臨產的;懷孕的。例句:She is an expectant mother.(她是一位準媽媽。)

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