North Korea 10 years late with software system 北韓推出軟體系統 水準落後10年


North Korea 10 years late with software system

北韓推出軟體系統 水準落後10年

North Korea has developed its own computer software operating system that is heavy on security, greatly influenced by Microsoft and about 10 years out of date.


North Korea is one of the world’s most isolated states that tries to cut off the flow of information from the outside world. It teaches students about the Internet by showing them photocopied papers of computer monitors.

北韓是舉世最孤立的國家之一,竭力切斷與外界的資訊流通,當要向學生講解何謂網際網路時,北韓只會向學生展示電腦螢幕的 紙張影印本。

The Korean language system whose name translates as "Red Star" is about as advanced as systems that came out a decade ago and is likely not coming to computers in the outside world anytime soon, a South Korean government think tank said in a report.

這套譯名為「紅星」的韓文作 業系統,水準相當於10年前問世系統,且不大可能被北韓以外的電腦採用,一個南韓政府智庫在報告中說。

"Due to few applicable programmes available, Red Star will not even be easily distributed in North Korea," the Science and Technology Policy Institute said after obtaining the software and running a detailed analysis.

南 韓科技政策研究院稱,「因為應用程式寥寥無幾,『紅星』連在北韓國內推廣起來都不容易。」該研究院取得該作業系統,並對其進行了詳細分析。

Red Star uses the Korean folk song "Arirang" as its start-up music and numbers years using its its "juche" (self-reliance) calendar, which starts counting from the birth of state founder Kim Il-sung.

「紅星」系 統開機音樂為韓國民謠「阿里郎」,日期上採用開國領袖金日成出生日算起的「主體」日曆。

The Linux-based Red Star system borrows heavily from early versions of Microsoft and has knock-off copies of the computer giant’s word processing, spread sheet and power point programmes, the report said.

以Linux為基礎的「紅星」系統大量借用微 軟早期的作業系統,且模仿了該電腦巨擘的文書處理、試算表與power point簡報軟體,報告指出。

新聞辭典 Dictionary

out of date:過時的;陳舊的。例句:This kind of machine is out of date. (這種機器過時了。)

folk song :民謠;民歌。

knock-off:俚語,假的、仿冒的東西。These bags are just cheap knock-offs. (這些包包不過是廉價仿冒品。)

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