Working mums’ children less fit 有工作的母親孩子會比較不健康


Children whose mothers work are less likely to lead healthy lives than those with "stay at home" mums, a study says. The Institute of Child Health study of more than 12,500 five-year-olds found those with working mothers less active and more likely to eat unhealthy food.

研究顯示,媽媽有工作的孩子,可能不比媽媽「待在家」的小孩健康。 孩童健康研究所觀察1萬2500名5歲孩童發現,媽媽上班的小孩比較不活潑,也比較會吃不健康的食物。

The study is in the Journal of Epidemiology and Child Health.


About 60% of mothers with children aged up to five are estimated to be in work. The mothers were asked about the hours they worked and their children’s diet, exercise levels and sedentary activities. A third of the mothers had not worked since the birth of their child, but the mothers who were employed were spending an average of 21 hours a week at work.

孩子在5歲以下的母親,約有6成上班。這些母親被詢問工作時數與孩童的飲食、運動程度與久坐的活動。3分之1的母親從小孩出生 後就沒上班,但仍上班的母親,平均每週工作時數21小時。

They took into account factors likely to influence the results, such as the mothers’ level of education and socioeconomic circumstances. They found that five-year-olds whose mothers worked part-time or full-time were more likely to primarily consume sweetened drinks between meals.

他們將可能影響結果的因素列入考量,例如母親的教育程 度、社經情況等,最後發現母親有全職或兼職工作的5歲孩童,三餐之間比較會攝取含糖飲料。

They used their computers or watched television for at least two hours a day compared to the children of "stay at home" mums who spent less than two hours on these activities.



sedentary:形容詞,久坐的。例句: My doctor says I should start playing sport because my lifestyle is too sedentary.(我的醫生說,我應該開始做運動,因為我太常坐著了。)

take sth into account:片語,把…列入考量。例句:I hope my teacher will take into account the fact that I was ill just before the exams when she marks my paper.(希望老師改考卷的時候,會把我考試前剛好不舒服的情況考慮進去。)

consume:動詞,吃喝,攝取。例句:He consumes vast quantities of chips with every meal.(他每餐都吃很多薯條。)

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