An Hour Of Daily Exercise ’Needed To Stay Slim’ 保持苗條每天要運動一小時


The recommended half an hour of exercise a day may not be enough to stop weight gain. According to a US study of 34,000 women, an hour a day of moderate exercise is needed to fight the flab. Overweight women need to diet as well as exercise, a Harvard team reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
每天運動半小時的建議,可能沒辦法阻止變胖,根據美國針對3萬4000名女性所做的研究,要對付肥肉,每天要做 一小時適度的運動才夠。哈佛團隊在美國醫學協會期刊上發表報告指出,過胖的女性,還需要靠飲食搭配運動。
The UK government advises adults to exercise for at least half an hour five or more days a week. The US study followed 34,000 middle-aged women over 13 years. The women completed regular questionnaires about the amount of time they spent on physical activity.
英國政府建議成人每週至少運動5天以上,每次至少半小時。 美國的這份研究,追蹤3萬4000名中年婦女長達13年,她們定期填寫詢問她們花多少時間運動的問卷。
They were classified into three groups:those who did the equivalent of less than two and a half hours of moderate exercise a week, between two and a half hours and seven hours a week, and more than seven hours a week.
她 們被分為每週運動少於兩個半小時、兩個半到七小時之間,以及七小時以上的3組。
The average age of the women was 54, and the average weight gain was 2.6 kg over the 13 year period. The high exercise group gained significantly less weight than the rest. But there was no difference in weight gain between the two lower exercise groups.
這群女性平均年齡54歲,13年間體重平均增加2.6公斤,高運動量的組別變胖的幅度明顯比其他組別 少,但另兩個運動量較少的組別之間,增胖的幅度沒有差別。
The only group who didn’t gain weight during the study were normal weight women who exercised for an hour or more a day.
flab:名詞,鬆弛的肌肉。例句:I’ve got to lose this flab on my belly!(我得消掉肚子上的這些肥肉!)
diet:名詞,飲食,節食。例句:I’m going on a diet next week and hope to lose two kilos before Christmas.(我下週要開始節食,希望能在耶誕節前減肥兩公斤。)
classify:動詞,分類。例句:The books in the library are classified by/according to subject.(圖書館裡的書根據主題分類。)

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