Man acquitted of raping daughter due to 'sexsomnia' 「睡眠性交症」 男子強暴女兒脫罪

In a judgment condemned as ’the summit of perversity’ and ’an open door for paedophiles’, a Belgian man was acquitted of charges he raped his four-year-old daughter because he did it in his sleep, Belgian media reported on Tuesday.
一 名比利時男子被控強暴4歲女兒的罪名不成立,因為他是在睡夢中做了這件事,這項判決被譴責是「性變態的極致」、「為戀童狂大開方便之門」,比利時媒體週二 報導。
The ’Het Laatste Nieuws’(HLN)newspaper reported that the 30-year-old man, who was only identified as F. L., admitted to raping his daughter but claimed he was not aware of his acts. He said he is suffering from sexsomnia, which causes people to engage in sexual acts such as masturbation, fondling and rape while they are asleep.
「最新 消息報」報導,這名只知名字縮寫為「F. L.」的30歲男子,坦承蹂躪他女兒,但聲稱對自己的行為無意識。他說自己罹患睡眠性交症,這種疾病會導致病患睡著時從事手淫、愛撫及強暴等性行為。
The man told a court in Mons: ’This is a sexual version of sleepwalking. I was deeply ashamed when I found out what was happening.’
這名男子在蒙斯市的 法庭上說:「這是性愛版的夢遊症,當我察覺發生什麼事時,深感羞愧。」
Experts don’t rule out the possibility of sexsomnia and say he does not appear to be a paedophile, the newspaper reported. The mother and the prosecutor’s office are appealing the court decision.
「最新消息報」報導,專家不排除睡眠性交症的可能性,並表示,他不像戀童狂。 女童的母親及檢察官辦公室正對法庭的判決提起上訴。
新聞辭典 Dictionary
perversity:名詞,乖僻;剛 愎;性變態。例句:This is very strange. It is strange to the point of perversity. (這實在是非常奇怪,而且奇怪到變態的地步。)pervert則是指「性變態者」。
acquit of:片語,宣告無罪、無罪獲釋。例句︰The jury acquitted her of all charges.(陪審團宣判她的所有指控皆無罪。)
ashamed︰形容詞,慚愧的、害臊的。I’m ashamed for you.(我為你感到慚愧。)

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