This Day in History Apri 30… 歷史上的今天 4月30日

He was one of the most famous people in history. Everyone knows his name and what he did. Even today, we are scared and amazed by his power. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria and became the leader of Germany. During World War II, he was responsible for the killing of millions of people. On this date in 1945, he committed suicide just before Germany surrendered to the Allied forces. His body was found by German troops, so they burned and buried it. However, there had been many rumors that Hitler was still around. Although this is very unlikely, some people have claimed to have found information that shows Hitler is still alive and kicking today.
他是歷史上最著名的人物之ㄧ。每個人都知道他的 名字,也知道他做了什麼事。即使到了今日,他的霸權仍使人膽顫心驚。阿道夫.希特勒生於奧地利,爾後成了德國的領袖。在二次大戰期間,有數百萬人因他而遭 到殺害。在1945年的今日,他在德國向盟軍投降的前夕自殺身亡。他的遺體被德軍發現,所以他們便將屍體焚毀後掩埋。然而在當時,關於希特勒依然健在的謠 傳甚囂塵上。雖然這點不太可能屬實,但是仍有一些人宣稱他們找到資料,顯示希特勒至今仍在世上活地好好的。


根據官方說法,希特勒(左圖,資料照片)是在他位於柏林市區住所內的一個 地下掩體(bunker)中服毒並舉槍自盡。希特勒的黨衛軍(Schutzstaffel,此為德文,常簡稱為SS)隨從雖試圖將他的遺體焚化並掩埋,但 事後所留下的遺體遭當時攻入柏林蘇聯紅軍發現並帶走,在蘇聯情報組織接手後埋葬於秘密地點,以免其葬身處成為納粹(Nazi)支持者朝拜的聖地。但是由於 當時資訊的不完整,以及多位目擊者的說法不一,導致許多陰謀論者宣稱希特勒仍活在世上。


◎responsible a.負責的
be responsible for...
對…… (罪行、錯誤等)負有責任;為……負責
例:The drunk driver was responsible for the car accident.(那名酒醉駕駛要為這場車禍負責。)
◎suicide n.自殺
commit suicide  自殺
例:A young girl committed suicide in that deserted house last month.(上個月有位年輕女孩在那間廢棄的房子裡自殺。)
◎the Allied forces 盟軍
◎bury vt.埋葬;埋藏
例:Hank’s dog likes to bury bones in the backyard.(漢克的狗喜歡把骨頭埋在後院裡。)

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