Bank ’held up’ ... by the police? 銀行遭警察「搶劫」?

When gunmen burst into Gaza’s Palestine Bank on Monday and demanded a quarter of a million dollars the branch manager had to give in - he couldn’t say no to the police.
當 持槍者週一衝進加薩的巴勒斯坦銀行並要求25萬美元時,分行經理必須屈服—因為他無法對警察說不。
The incident in Gaza City took place when police run by the Islamist Hamas movement went to impose a court order unfreezing the assets of a health charity at the heart of a bitter factional dispute.
加薩市的這起案件,發生於伊斯蘭「哈瑪斯」組織管理的 警方執行法院命令,解凍身處派系傾軋核心的某醫療慈善機構資產。
When the Friends of the Patient Society, which operates a small hospital in the impoverished territory, was taken over by Hamas earlier this year the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank blocked the assets.
今年初,在這塊貧困土地經營一間小醫院的「病友 社」被哈瑪斯接管時,約旦河西岸佔領區的巴勒斯坦自治政府凍結其資產。
A Gaza court run by Hamas then ordered the assets unfrozen and police were dispatched Monday to enforce it, putting them in the odd position of barging into a bank and asking it to hand over the dough.
後來由哈瑪斯管理的加薩法院下令資產解凍,警方也在週一獲派執行這道命令,導致他們 陷入闖入銀行並要求對方交錢的窘境。
"Police carried out a court order today in favour of the Friends of the Patient Society," police spokesperson Ayman al-Batniji said.
"In the beginning there were some problems, but then the branch manager cooperated and implemented the order," he added.
「一開始有一些狀況,但後來分行經理 合作與履行命令,」他補充說。
hold up:片語,持槍搶劫。例句:Several masked men held up a bank.(數名蒙面歹徒持槍搶劫銀行。)
barge into:片語,闖入、衝進。例句:The children barged into a room.(孩子們衝進房間。)
give in:片語,投降、屈服。例句:I gave in to my fate.(我向命運屈服。)

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