This Day in History April 16… 歷史上的今天 4月16日

You probably don't know his name, but there is no doubt you have seen a clip from one of his movies at least once in your lifetime. He is the guy with the little mustache who carries a cane, wears a bowler hat, and ends up in every ridiculous situation imaginable. On this date in 1889, Charlie Chaplin was born in London, England. He was the most creative and influential person of the silent-film era because he was an actor, writer, composer, and film producer. Most importantly, Chaplin knew how to touch people through the magic of the big screen.
你可能不知道他的名 字,但你一生中絕對至少看過一次他電影裡的一小片段。他是那個蓄著小鬍子、手持拐杖、頭戴圓禮帽的男子,而且每每都以各種你所能想像得到的荒唐情境收場。 在1889年的今日,查理.卓別林於英國倫敦誕生。他是默片時代最具創意且最有影響力的人物,因為他身兼演員、 作家、作曲家,以及電影製片。而最重要的是,卓別林知道如何透過大銀幕的魔力來感動人心。


●There is no doubt + that子句 毫無疑問╱無疑……
例:There is no doubt that drinking too much wine is bad for your health.
●clip n.(電影中的)一小片段
●mustache n.小鬍子
●cane n.柺杖,手杖
●bowler hat n.(男用)硬圓頂禮帽
●ridiculousa. 荒唐的,可笑的
例:Nicholas looks ridiculous in those green pants.(尼可拉斯穿著那件綠色褲子顯得很可笑。)
every + N + imaginable 各種能想像得到的……
例:My school offers courses in every subject imaginable.(我的學校提供各種你能想像得到的課程。)
●influential a.有影響力的
例:The elders in this tribe are very influential.(這個部落的長老們有很大的影響力。)
●touch vt.使感動
例:The audience was all touched by the movie.(觀眾們都被這部電影所感動。)


查理˙卓別林從小就嚮往當一名演員,於是苦心學習各家戲法,融合各項精要形成獨有的默劇風格。他的藝術生涯 中共拍攝了80多部電影,而他的喜劇不僅妙趣橫生,也很能發人省思,就連著名的科學家愛因斯坦(Albert Einstein)也非常推崇他的電影。他在給卓別林的信中寫道:「你的電影《摩登時代》,世界上每一個人都能看得懂,你一定能成為偉人。」而卓別林也詼 諧地回信說:「我更加欽佩你。你的相對論世界上沒有人能弄懂,但你已經是一個偉人。」

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