Mourning means brisk business after Polish leader’s death 波蘭總統去世舉國哀悼,小販大發利市

From flags to candles and tulips to tacky badges, business is brisk for those looking to make a fast buck in the wake of the air-crash death in Russia of Polish president Lech Kaczynski.
從國旗到蠟燭、鬱金香和俗氣的徽章,對那些想趁波蘭總統卡辛斯基在俄羅斯空難中喪生 而大發橫財的人來說,生意可是興隆得很。
Hawkers have flocked to the capital Warsaw following the crowds of tens of thousands who are queuing for hours to honour Kaczynski and his wife Maria as they lie in state, and mourn the other 94 victims of this disaster.
卡辛斯基及夫人瑪麗亞的遺體已運回首都華沙供民眾瞻仰,在成千上 萬民眾排隊數小時以向總統伉儷致意,同時追悼其他94位罹難者之際,小販們也紛紛湧進華沙。
"The best business was on Sunday night. The candles were selling in their thousands," said Mikolaj Krupa, who come from a small town around 50 kilometres north of Warsaw. "Only those who had some in stock already could take advantage, because everything was closed. So they could sell them for a top price," he said.
「生意最好的時候是週日晚上。蠟燭是以數以千計的數量賣出,」據來自華沙北方50公里小城的商人克魯巴表示。「只有手 上有現貨的人才佔得到便宜,因為所有商店都關門了,他們可以用最高價來賣東西。」
Since Saturday, the pavements in the centre of the capital have been piled high with pallets of candles, with the vendors dotted every few metres. Small candles were selling for around five to seven zloty, compared to the normal price tag of around two to three zloty.
自週六起,首都市中心區的人行道上就堆滿了一層層的 蠟燭,每隔幾公尺就有賣蠟燭的小販。小蠟燭現在要價約波蘭幣5至7元,相較於原本的2至3元。
Most have been buying a candle or tulips in the red and white colours of the Polish banner. The stands also sell little flags, and red and white ribbons to be worn in a sign of mourning.
多數民眾都會買小蠟燭,或象徵波蘭國旗顏色的紅白鬱金香。路邊攤還會賣小國旗,以及紅白兩 色的絲帶,讓人別在身上象徵哀悼。
brisk:形 容詞,指活潑的、生氣勃勃的,文中則指興旺的、繁榮的,如Pawnshops are doing brisk business during recession.(經濟衰退期間,當鋪的生意卻十分興旺。)
fast buck/dollar:俚語,指容易賺的錢、(不擇手段)快速得來的錢,如They are traders out to make a fast buck.(他們是想趁機海撈一筆的商人。)
lie in state:片語,指名人遺體在下葬前供公眾瞻仰,如The President’s body lay in state in the Capitol for three days and thousands walked by his coffin to pay their respects.(總統的遺體在國會山莊停放三天供人瞻仰,數千位民眾到棺木前向他致意。)

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