Man rams car into parked plane 男子駕車衝撞停機坪上的飛機

A man who claimed to have been sent by Jesus to punish sinners rammed his car into a parked plane at an airport in southeastern Nigeria, an aviation spokesman said Thursday.
一 名宣稱奉耶穌差派來懲罰罪人的男子,駕車衝撞停在奈及利亞東南部一座機場的飛機,一名航空發言人說。
No one was hurt in the incident and the spokesman said Nigeria had no problem with security.
The United States put Nigeria on a list of countries needing to improve security after Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was arrested on suspicion of trying to blow up a U.S.-bound airliner in December using explosives hidden in his underwear.
美國在奈國男子阿布都穆塔拉布涉嫌於去年12月,利用私藏在內褲的爆裂物,企圖炸毀一架飛往美國的班機而被捕 後,將奈國列入必須加強維安之國的名單中。
"There is no problem at all at our airports, no cause for alarm, as we have the necessary security on the ground," said Akin Olukunle, spokesman for the Federal Airport Authority.
「我 們的機場完全沒問題,沒有理由恐慌,因為現場我們有必要的安全措施。」聯邦機場管理機構發言人歐魯昆勒說。
He said the driver had broken through two security gates at Calabar international airport and rammed his car into the Arik Air plane before soldiers arrested him.
The crew of the plane were not injured and no passengers were on board at the time. "Our men rushed to the scene and evacuated crew members on board," Olukunle said. "We have beefed up security."
機組人員無人受傷,當時機 上也沒有旅客。「我們的人趕到現場,並疏散機上機組人員,」歐魯昆勒說,「我們已加強安全防衛。」
ram︰動詞,衝撞、強使……通過、迫使接受。例句︰The measure was rammed into law by Congress over the President’s veto.(國會不顧總統的否決,強行制定該議案為法律。)
on the ground︰當場、在現場。on (the) ground(s) of 則指根據……,以……為理由,例如,on grounds of ill-health(以健康不佳為理由。)
beef up︰片語,加強、充實。例句︰He beefed up his speech with more facts.(他舉出更多事實來強化他的演說。)

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