This Day in History April 17… 歷史上的今天 4月17日

The 1930s was a time for new cartoon characters. These interesting faces were known as screwballs because they were always doing something unpredictable. On this day in 1937, Warner Bros. introduced Daffy Duck, who would soon become one of the cartoon world's biggest legends. When his cartoon first came out, audiences didn't know how to feel about this crazy character. In fact, he and his partner Porky Pig were the talk of the town for quite a while. Petunia Pig, Porky's girlfriend, was also introduced at this time. Unfortunately though, she has only shown up in a few of Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.
1930年代新的卡 通角色輩出。這些有趣的面孔因為總是做出一些讓人意想不到的事而被稱為「怪咖」。在1937年的今天,華納兄弟影業公司推出「達菲鴨」,不久就成為卡通界 最大咖的傳奇角色之一。他的卡通剛推出的時候,觀眾對這個瘋狂角色感到一頭霧水。事實上,他和夥伴「豬小弟」有一段時間成為街頭巷尾談論的話題。豬小弟的 女友「豬小妹」也在這段期間推出,可惜的是她只在華納兄弟的《樂一通》和《快樂旋律》的卡通系列中露過幾次面而已。


●be known as+稱號╱身分
例:Mr. Li is known as a great scientist.(李先生是一位知名的偉大科學家。)
●screwball n.怪人
●unpredictable a.出乎意料的,難以預測的
例:My sister has an unpredictable temper.(我姊姊的脾氣難以預測。)
●come out 上映;出版;發行
例:The rock band's new album is coming out in December.(該搖滾樂團的新專輯將於 12 月發行。)
●porky a.像豬的;肥胖的
●be the talk of the town 是街談巷議的熱門話題
例:The actress has become the talk of the town ever since she was reported to be pregnant.(自從傳出她懷孕的消息後,那位女演員就成為街頭巷尾談論的話題。)
●show up 出現;出席(= turn up)
●Tune n.旋律;歌曲


達菲鴨與唐老鴨(Donald Duck)並稱卡通史上的2大名鴨。達菲鴨於1937年的《豬小弟獵鴨記》(Porky’s Duck Hunt)中首次登上螢幕,他活蹦亂跳的樣子立即贏得觀眾的喜愛。起初,達菲鴨是《樂一通》卡通系列的大明星,但後來兔寶寶(Bugs Bunny)逐漸取代了他的地位。所以他在現代的卡通中,常扮演自私、愛出風頭和經常闖禍的角色,和兔寶寶之間的關係更是差到極點。

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