Missing dog returned after five years 找回走失5年的狗


A 12-year-old girl has been reunited with her pet Labrador which went missing five years ago.

一 名12歲女孩和她5年前走失的寵物拉布拉多犬團聚了。

Brierley Howard was overjoyed after being told that Iggy had been found 130 miles from her Balladen, Lancashire home, on the streets of Leicester, The Daily Telegraph reports.

布莉兒蕾.郝爾在被告知,「伊基」被人發現在距離她蘭開夏郡巴拉登的家130英里的李斯特街道上後,喜不自勝,每日電訊報 報導說。

Her mother Karen Howard said: "We had given up all hope. It is just so great to have him back - although I would never have recognised him. He has put on quite a bit of weight.

她的母親凱倫.郝爾說:「我 們已放棄所有希望。牠能回來實在是太好了─雖然我原本沒法兒認出牠。牠變胖了不少。」

"Amazingly though he is just the same and still plays like he is a puppy. Fortunately for us, the woman took him to a vet, they scanned him and got in touch with the microchip people."

「雖然牠還是老樣子,而且表現得仍然像小狗一樣,但真是神奇。我們很幸運,這位女子帶牠找獸醫,他們 替他掃描,而且與晶片主人聯繫。」

She added: "They said the only thing we have got on this scan is this dog was stolen five years ago.

她強調:「他們說我們在這次掃 描中唯一知道的事情,是這條狗在5年前被偷走。」

"When I rang the lady she said ’What did you say his name was?’. I told her and she repeated it and then said ’Oh goodness, his ears pricked up’."

「當我打電話給這位女士的時候,她說『你說牠的名字叫什麼?』我告訴 她,她照著說,然後說『喔老天,牠的耳朵豎起來了』。」

Iggy had originally disappeared in August 2005 as an 18-month-old puppy.

伊基是在2005年8月不見,當時牠只是一隻18個月大的小 狗。


quite a bit:片語,相當數量、相當程度。例句:He used to sail quite a bit as a boy.(他童年時就頗有駕船航行的經歷。)

in touch:片語,聯繫、接觸。例句:We will stay in touch.(我們將保持聯繫。)

prick up:片語,豎起,prick up the (one’s) ears指豎起耳朵仔細聽。

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