New Jersey restaurant burglar cooks chicken and flees 新澤西州餐廳竊賊烹煮雞肉後逃之夭夭

A burglar in New Jersey whipped up a chicken and rice dish after breaking into a restaurant in the town of Hillsdale.
The hungry thief then did a runner, leaving his dirty dishes behind him.
這 名飢腸轆轆的竊賊之後撇下自己的髒碗盤,逃之夭夭。
According to police, he had forced his way into the Matsu Sushi Grill - just north-west of New York City - through an exhaust fan in the outlet’s back wall.
根據警方的說法,他強行進入位於紐 約市西北方的「松壽司燒烤」店,穿過這間門市後牆的抽油煙風扇。
There were a couple of hundred dollars in the cash register, apparently, but the culinary crook was interested in swag of an altogether more tasty variety.
收銀機裡明顯有好幾張 百元鈔票,但這位老饕賊感興趣的是基本上更美味可口的贓物。
He got some chicken from the restaurant freezer and cooked it with rice in a frying pan in scenes reminiscent of the Pennsylvania burglar who broke into a house, had a shower, cut his hair and similarly rustled up a plate of fried chicken.
他 從餐廳冷凍庫中拿出一些雞肉,然後拌著米在煎鍋裡烹煮,這些場景令人想起闖入民宅內淋浴、剪髮及類似匆忙做出一盤炸雞的賓州竊賊。
whip up:片語,匆忙做出,意思與rustle up接近。例句:I will whip up a meal in no time.(我不用一會兒工夫就能把飯菜煮好。)
break into:片語,非法闖入。例句:The thief broke in through the bedroom window.(竊賊打破臥室窗戶而入。)
reminiscent of:片語,令人想起。例句:Some of the things happening now may seem reminiscent of the cold war.(眼下發生的一些事情可能令人想起冷戰。)

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