Former NY governor’s call girl strips down for Playboy前紐約州長的應召女為花花公子寬衣解帶

Former NY governor’s call girl strips down for Playboy
Ashley Dupre has gone from call girl to cover girl. The former NY governor Eliot Spitzer’s one- time call girl graces the cover of the May issue of Playboy magazine.
艾希莉.杜普蕾已從應召女變成封面女郎。這位曾被紐約州長史皮澤光顧的應召女,登上5月號「花花公 子」封面。
"I had a lot of fun doing these pictures," Dupre said of her photoshoot. "You’re naked and you’re in front of a bunch of guys-good-looking guys, too, manly men."
「拍這些照片很有趣」,杜普蕾說到她的照片拍攝工作, 「你一絲不掛,在一群人面前,一群又帥又有男人味的男人面前。」
The steamy 8-page pictorial features Dupre in her birthday suit - but also offers an exclusive glimpse into her early days as an escort and life post-Spitzer sex scandal.
"Some people call me the girl who brought down the governor of New York, but in reality he brought me down," she said. "I was an escort. As much as I wish I could make that go away, I can’t."
「有些人稱我是搞垮紐約州長的女子,但其實是他害 了我」,她說,「我當過應召女郎,我多希望我能擺脫它,但我沒辦法。」
Dupre, 24, has since recovered from the 2008 scandal and has launched a music career and a new pop culture and relationship blog, stilletosuicide.com. Dupre also landed a gig as a relationship advice columnist for the New York Post.
現年24 歲的杜普蕾已從2008年的醜聞中走出來,並開展音樂事業、成立一個新的流行文化和人際關係部落格,還為紐約郵報寫人際關係諮詢專欄。
After all, who better to give advice on a sticky sex situation than Dupre?
畢 竟,有誰比杜普蕾更能對棘手性問題提供建議?
steamy: 俚語,形容詞,淫蕩、充滿情慾刺激的。例句:The city is renown for its steamy nightlife.(這座城市以其有時充滿情色的夜生活聞名。)
birthday suit:俚語,名詞,全裸的委婉說法。例句:He’s so drunk that he ran around on street in his birthday suit.(他醉到脫光光在街上跑來跑去。)
gig:俚語,名詞,工作(尤指表演性、娛樂性的表演)、過失。例句:He has a gig next week in New York.(他下週在紐約有一場演出。)

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