This Day in History April 13… 歷史上的今天 4月13日

On a stretch of road known as the Museum Mile in New York City, you can find more than 10 museums as well as other cultural sights. One of the most famous attractions is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was founded on this date in 1870. As one of the world's largest art galleries, the Met has a permanent collection of more than two million works of art. Its pieces come from the four corners of the world. However, not all of them are on display at the main branch of the museum. The Met has a second location in Upper Manhattan that focuses on medieval art.
紐約市有一條路叫作 「博物館大道」,在那裡你可以找到超過10間博物館以及其他文化景點。其中最著名的景點之一為大都會藝術博物館,它於1870年的今日成立。大都會藝術博 物館是全球最大的美術館之一,館內的永久藝術館藏超過兩百萬件。這些作品是從世界各地蒐集而來。然而,不是所有館藏都在主館展覽。大都會藝術博物館在曼哈 頓上城區還有另一個分館,主要展示中古世紀的藝術品。


●stretch n.(土地)綿亙;(時間)延續
●attraction n.吸引人的地方,吸引物;吸引力
a tourist attraction觀光景點
例:Wealth and fame hold no attraction for Tom.(名利對湯姆毫無吸引力。)
●metropolitan a.大都會的
●permanent a.常在的;永久的
temporary a.臨時的,暫時的
例:The accident has left Sally with permanent damage to her left eye.
●a work of art 一件藝術作品
例:The interesting work of art in the lobby is made entirely of recycled materials.
●the four corners of the world/Earth 四面八方,世界各地
例:People came from the four corners of the world to participate in the Olympics.
(人們從世界各地前來參加奧運比 賽。)
●on display 展覽中,展出中


紐約的大都會藝術博物館可說是藝術愛好者的朝聖地之一,裡頭的永久館藏豐富,有近20個館部 (curatorial department),除了有美國藝術品以及現代藝術外(modern art),還有像是著名的埃及藝術品(Egyptian art)、古代近東藝術品(Ancient Near Eastern art)、出色的亞洲藝術(Asian art)典藏等,想完整參觀完所有的作品,可不是短短幾個小時就可辦到的。

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