Labour scores own goal with new campaign poster 工黨推出競選新海報反被倒將一軍

Labour’s recent attempt to ridicule David Cameron as an Eighties TV detective backfired spectacularly, after the Tories turned it into a vote-winner for their leader.
英國工黨最近把保守黨黨魁卡麥隆嘲諷為八○年代電視影集偵探的企圖產生了嚴重反效果,因為保守黨反過來把海報轉為替卡麥隆吸 票的工具。
The Conservatives were so delighted by Labour posters portraying Mr Cameron as Gene Hunt, from the BBC’s Ashes To Ashes, that they immediately hijacked the image for their own campaign.
保守黨對工黨 這張把卡麥隆描寫為BBC影集Ashes To Ashes主角金恩杭特的海報感到十分滿意,甚至立刻把影像挪用在自家的競選海報上。
Labour’s poster accused Mr Cameron of wanting to return Britain to the Thatcher era. But just four hours after it was unveiled, the Tories had produced their own version, adapting Hunt’s catchphrase to say: "Fire up the Quattro. It’s time for change."
工黨的海報指控卡麥隆打算把英國帶回到柴契爾時代,但在這張海報揭幕短 短四小時後,保守黨也推出了自己的版本,只是把杭特的名言改成了「發動Quattro跑車。改革的時候到了。」
The fiasco sparked a revolt among Labour supporters, who said it was ’madness’ to make Mr Cameron look ’rakishly attractive’ by depicting him perched on the bonnet of the Audi Quattro, wearing an open-necked shirt and snakeskin boots.
這次宣傳戰的慘敗在工黨支持者間引發反彈,支持者認為讓卡麥隆坐在奧迪跑車引擎蓋上,穿著開領襯衫及蛇皮 靴子,看起來「瀟灑帥氣」,簡直是「瘋狂之舉」。
Labour activists said the slogan -Don’t let him take Britain back to the 1980s’ - was rendered irrelevant by comparing Cameron to attractive DCI Hunt.
工黨運動人士表示,在把卡麥隆比擬為萬人迷杭特探長 後,相形之下海報上的標語,「別讓他把英國帶回八○年代」,根本就變成文不對題。
own goal:名詞,原指在運動比賽中替對手隊得分、射進烏龍球,非正式用語則引申為無意間造成對己方不利、損失或受窘的錯誤,如Our team lost when we scored an own goal late in the second half.(本隊因為在下半場射進一記烏龍球而飲恨敗北。)
backfire:動詞,指產生和預期情況完全相反的結果,事與願違,如His plans to make her jealous backfired on him when she went off with his best friend.(他原本想讓她吃醋卻造成反效果,她反跟他的好友跑了。)
catchphrase:名詞,指名言、流行辭令,如 Actor Michael Douglas dumped his "greed is good" catchphrase and pulled out of the stock market after losing almost half his fortune.(名演員麥可.道格拉斯在損失近半數財富後,決定放棄他的名言「貪婪是好事」,退出股市。)

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