Woman says her love handles saved her life 女子稱她的腰間肥肉救了她一命

Woman says her love handles saved her life
A Florida woman said her love handles saved her life when she was shot entering an Atlantic City bar.
佛 羅里達州一名女子表示,當她走進大西洋城的一座酒吧並遭到槍擊時,她的游泳圈(腰間肥肉)救了她一命。
Samantha Lynn Frazier said she heard two pops when she walked into Herman’s Place. The 35-year-old then felt pain and saw blood on her hand after she grabbed her left side. Atlantic City police said Frazier was an innocent bystander.
姍曼莎.琳恩.佛雷瑟說,當她走進「賀曼的店」時,就聽到兩聲槍響。這名35歲的女子隨後感到疼 痛,並在抓了自己的身體左側一把後發現手上有血。大西洋城警方表示,佛雷瑟是無辜旁觀者。
Detective Lt. Charles Love said the gunman was aiming for a man who escaped with a bullet hole in his down jacket.
The suspect remains at large.
Frazier told The Press of Atlantic City that "I could have been dead. They said my love handles saved my life."
Frazier also told the newspaper that she had been "hollering" that she wanted to lose weight. She now said "I want to be as big as I can if it’s going to stop a bullet."
佛雷瑟還告訴該報,她過去一直「抱怨」要減肥。但她現在說,「既然可以擋子彈,我要讓自己能多肥就多 肥。」
love handles:名詞,愛的握把,即腰間肥肉,俗稱游泳圈。同義詞還有spare tire,備胎。handle,名詞,握把。例句:I love my husband’s love handles.(我愛我老公肚子上那一圈肥肉。)
at large:片語,(1)逍遙法外;(2)總的來說。例句:Students at large don’t like surprise quizzes.(學生通常不喜歡突襲小考。)
holler:動詞,喊叫,發牢騷。相關俚語,holler uncle/cry uncle/say uncle,求饒認輸。例句:The man kept pounding on his wife until she hollered uncle.(那個男人死命狂揍他老婆直到她認輸求饒。)

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